The Curse of the All You Can Eat Shrimp

We went to Red Lobster tonight for all you can eat shrimp.  I did not order this because I know the amount of shrimp that is all I can eat and it is not $15 worth.  The Butcher, however, was cursed with a waitress who kept bringing and bringing and bringing him shrimp until I felt like barfing in sympathy for him.

Then they wanted to go to Walmart*(*), which is against my religion, so I refused.

But stuff did get done around the house.  All the tape is off the painted portions of the house.  The light fixture in the dining room survived its first run-in with a ladder with all but one glass thingies intact.  We have GFI plugs in the kitchen and bathroom, with cute little lights on them so you can see when they’re working.  I have a grounded outlet for every major appliance in my kitchen, including the dishwasher, which doesn’t yet exist.  And the garage is clean.

I’m not sure how all this is actually going to happen in 14 days, but somehow it will, I guess, and we’ll be better off for it.

They’ve cancelled Blogher Nashville, which I’m very disappointed about.  I already got my “Busy Mom Rules” tattoo and that’s just not going to be nearly as effective at, say, Thanksgiving as it would have been at BlogHer Nashville.

And I’ve got to send this person that Coble knows a two paragraph biography of me and I’ve been putting off sending it because what do I have to say?  “Oh, you know, I’m just a potty-mouthed corrupter of children and crusader for Leftist causes in a state that thinks carpooling is communistl.”

Heh, actually, that’s pretty good.

*I put the first astrisk there just to remind you that Walmart’s logo now includes a butthole.  I put the second astrisk there to explain that.

Best Unintentionally Funny Line of the Day

Okay, so as a brief background on the funny you’ll recall that two local fellers made up some boxes of Obama Waffles featuring a bug-eyed, big-lipped Obama on the front and this familiar image on top.  You may recall said image from this little press release, released by one Bill Hobbs and roundly denounced by just about everyone on the planet for misidentifying Obama as being in Muslim garb, when he was in traditional Kenyan garb.  And so you’ll recall that the national GOP took quite a bit of grief for Hobb’s actions, which, to those of us who remember his long history of anti-Muslim hysteria, was completely unsurprising.  (See here for Hobbs’s political art.)

With all that in mind, I bring you this quote from Hobbs, from today:

Candidates, campaigns and parties aren’t responsible for the actions and messages of every single freelancer from the grassroots and should not be subjected to constant calls to denounce, defend or explain the actions of freelancers.

Yes, that’s right.  Candidates, campaigns, and parties don’t have time to denounce, defend, or explain the actions of freelancers because, in general, they are too busy denouncing, defending, or explaining the actions of BILL HOBBS!!!!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

I guess ole Bill doesn’t like the competition.