Well, I’ve Vastly Revised Down My List of Things To Do Today

I’m laying here waiting for the doctor to call me back since, due to girly problems the likes of which I hope to never, ever experience again, I can’t really manage much but bed and bathroom.  And a good self-pity cry.

Here is my new list for today:

1.  Rent a truck.

2.  Arrange for someone to clean this place next week.

3.  Take the TV remote to the new house before the cable guy gets there.

4.  Nothing.

That’s it.  Just three things, unless I have to get to the doctor’s.  In which case I will add that to my list at the top.  I am laying here pondering the financial mess our country is in.  I have nothing astute to say about it.  Just that I’m holding my breath to see what comes of it.  It is a little amazing to me that, after years of being told that the economy is just fine, now we’re being told we must immediately bail out the economy right now no questions asked, immunity for everyone, everyone gets to continue being rich.

The rich, you see, get to be socialists.  We must be left to the vagaries of a free market.

Edited to add: Ibuprophen.  If that doesn’t help, I have to go in tomorrow for lab work.

6 thoughts on “Well, I’ve Vastly Revised Down My List of Things To Do Today

  1. ibuprofen? God I hate the paranoia about narcotics in this country. If you’re down this bad ibuprofen won’t do much.

  2. Narcotics are pain relievers only. Ibuprofen is also an anti-inflammatory, so it can help in healing as well as hopefully providing some pain relief. When my sister was taking six Vicodin a day for back pain, her doctor had her taking ibuprofen in addition: not for pain relief but strictly to encourage healing.

    For what its worth, it seems likely this round of placebo pills will be the worst, since you started out with such a thick lining, and now have to break it all down. Future placebo weeks will be working with much thinner linings, and should not involve pain to nearly this degree.

    It really sucks you don’t feel good now, though. Best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery.

  3. Ah, I should have clarified. I wasn’t actually in any pain, which made the experience much weirder. I was just, it looked like, bleeding to death. I was dizzy, weak, messy (obviously), and tired. The ibuprofen at the dose the doctor told me to take it was supposed to stop the bleeding (I’m not sure how but it worked), but it was unfun to take that much, let me tell you. I felt nauseous and loopy and bleh. But in a different way than I felt nauseous and loopy and bleh in the morning, so I felt like that was a little progress.

    So, it seems to be under control, so I am not going in for tests today (and let us mark this moment because we all know you’re going to read a post that says something like ‘I should have gone for tests”). So, yeah, we’ll see.

    Lyrl, when I was on the phone with the doctor yesterday, I was totally hitting her with all the stuff I’ve learned from your comments here and I just wanted to say “thanks” that you keep commenting about this, because I’ve found it really comforting to know I have you and Rachel out there on the internet and I can post something and one or the other of you is going to say, in language I can understand, “Okay, here’s what’s going on and why.”

    It’s such a relief to me, I can’t even tell you.

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