Liveblogging the Front Yard

I was going to sit out on my front porch and liveblog my front yard, but it’s very, very sunny there and I, luckily, have an abundance of shade just a few feet away from said front porch, so I am in a plastic chair, listening to the neighbor kids set off their car alarm while their mom yells at them and they insist they are not setting it off on purpose.  The dog is milling about next to me, eating grass and enjoying the weather.  The next door neightbor dog has finally lost interest in barking at us.

There are things to be done.  Most importantly, I have to figure out how to keep my bed from rolling around my room, because otherwise I’m going to break my neck trying to get into it.  And I need to rustle something up for lunch.

Mack brought us over an ironing board, which is doing duty as a makeshift dining room table.  And this morning, I saw the picture of a naked girl that someone put behind my closet door.  I’m not pointing fingers, but when I accused the obvious subject, he said it was Kathy’s idea.  I can’t decide which would be funnier, if he and Kathy had conspired to put it there or if he thought he could get away with blaming her.

I wish I knew where the camera was, because I would take a picture of Mrs. Wigglebottom just laying… lying… lounging in the grass, rolling around, scratching her back, pointing her belly towards the sun, while a yellow butterfly flitters by like it’s checking to see if this is some exotic, snorting flower.  Seeing my dog happy in the grass makes me happier than I know how to tell you.  The faces of the bulldog breeds are so expressive and she just has this look on her face of pure joy.

I’ll be curious to see the place in the spring, but right now, it seems obvious that the one thing it needs is more flowers.  Right now the only things in bloom around the house are this spider-plant like thing with purple flowers here in the front yard and this orange viney thing that seems to attract humming birds in the back.

The thing I’m most surprised about is how soft the grass is under my feet.

I should be unpacking, but it’s like 78 here and sunny and my dog has convinced me that there’s no place I need to be more now than right here.

I don’t think I’ll take my clothes off and roll in the grass, though, at least not until the neighborkids go in.

Like Waking Up in a Park

Oh, People of Earth, there’s much to complain about, much to stress about, much to mull over in order to try to figure out how to quickly fix.

But how can I help but be distracted by joy over my first night in the house?

Every time I step into the bathroom and look into my back yard, I cannot believe we live here.  It’s like living at a park, in a park.  This morning, I watched the sun fill the whole house with light, these beautiful jewel tones and I thought, damn, I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be here at this moment, watching this.