Like Waking Up in a Park

Oh, People of Earth, there’s much to complain about, much to stress about, much to mull over in order to try to figure out how to quickly fix.

But how can I help but be distracted by joy over my first night in the house?

Every time I step into the bathroom and look into my back yard, I cannot believe we live here.  It’s like living at a park, in a park.  This morning, I watched the sun fill the whole house with light, these beautiful jewel tones and I thought, damn, I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be here at this moment, watching this.

5 thoughts on “Like Waking Up in a Park

  1. The great thing is that that feeling never will go away completely. Stressing, mulling, quick fixes and slow ones, that light and those jewel tones will still be there — just on different walls in different seasons. And you will always be able to take a breath and look at them when you need some joy. Congratulations, indeed.

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