Trueblood, Revisited

I still can’t decide if it’s a good show or not, but I like it.  I watched two episodes back to back last night because I’d forgotten it was on (not a good sign) but squealed with delight over and over while watching (a good sign).

I think, to Alan Ball’s credit, he’s managed to capture exactly in TV form trashy beach reading.  I watch that show, I wish it could go on a little longer, but when it’s over, I’m not mulling over themes or symbolism or anything.

I am, though, I must say, delighted beyond words to see the return of chest hair to television.  Not that I’m kicking anyone out of bed, mind you, but whew fan myself and call me sugar, chest hair just says to me “I have testosterone throbbing through my strong limbs.  Do you mind if I scoop you close in and breathe in the luxurious scent of your hair and then kiss you right where you neck gives way to your shoulder?”

Edited to add: “your neck”  Apparently chest hair’s first language is not English.

Help Me, Internets!

Okay, so I noticed Sunday that when I started up my computer, the firewall wasn’t on.  I thought the Butcher had turned it off, so I turned it back on.  Yesterday, though, same thing.  Started the computer, it took forever to start, and the firewall was off.  Turned it back on.  Tried to run spy sweeper, which they give us for free at work, and it keeps crashing.

So, here’s the even scarier deal.  Today, I’m attempting to write a brilliant, insightful post about the stock market tanking, which is difficult enough because I don’t know anything about finances, when I’m all like “Wasn’t it Atrios who said something about how much less your retirement fund is worth today?”  So, I go to google Atrios, and the google results all show up right, but when I click on any link, I’m taken wherever the fuck and not to the actual link.  Then just now, the whole browser appears to shut down and I get an offer to scan my disk for viruses, but I am not stupid, or that stupid anyway, and so I just quit out of it.

Clearly, something is very wrong.  My question for you, dear internets, is what can I do to make it right?  I already have the stupid spyware sweeper from work.  I have always run McAfee, also provided to me from work, and I use the newest Firefox.

How did this happen and what can I do to fix this and protect myself better in the future?