Back from the Dead

Both No Depression and Chris Clarke.

Also, I must make a confession, which I am reminded of in a round-about way from Clarke to Raven to Crow to Old Crow Medicine Show, Old Crow Medicine Show, when they suck, suck hard.

I am, however, excited to meet the crows in my new neighborhood.  I hear them in the evening and it makes me happy.

Still no great insight into how I’m going to “sit out” at the new place, but still excited that I will have my own ground upon which to sit.  I think my plan may be to ask Mack to mow one more time and then have him help me set up a little makeshift altar–just a few bricks and a board–in one of the clear spots in the back yard.  But I can’t quite figure out how to deliniate a circle that can stand for nine days without being too obtrusive during the day.

Also, here’s something I think about but can’t quite figure out–what is an appropriate sacrifice?  Last year, I had trail mix (which I love), and craisins (which I love), and Reese’s peanut butter cups (which I love) and I left them on my altar for the nine days and then at the end of it, I put them and all the ashes and other left over stuff in a Burger King bag and stopped at the foot of the hill on my way to visit Mack and tossed it all into the creek and turned my back on it and let it go its own way and I went mine.

And I do leave a glass of alcohol when we have it in the house on the window for the Old Man, when I think of it.

But my fortune this past year has been extraordinary–my biopsy went well, I’ve now got a diagnosis for my girly problems and a course of action to bring them under control and return my cooter to me happy and healthy, I bought a house, and my dad came through his bypass with flying colors, and I am, as always, sappily greatful for y’all, my dear, dear friends.

I don’t believe in sacrifice that is suffering.  Does that make sense?  I don’t believe it is healthy, for me, anyway, to view sacrifice as a way to hurt myself or make myself uncomfortable or to increase my suffering in order to… I don’t know… even the scales, so that the abundance I have been given falls into an equal sized hole of lack.

I want to acknowledge that abundance, though, and to make a real gesture of ritual sharing.

And that I’ve not yet figured out for myself–what is an appropriate gesture for me of ritual sharing with the Sacred?


7 thoughts on “Back from the Dead

  1. I don’t believe in sacrifice that is suffering.

    I agree wholeheartedly! It may just be a semantic thing but I believe in giving/tithing/offering/sharing but I don’t believe in sacrificing.

    Somehow we’ve developed this notion that sacrificing ourselves is some noble thing to do. I don’t buy it. Grateful giving is empowering, sacrifice is about as disempowering as it comes. They often look like the same thing from the outside, but they feel very, very different.

  2. I don’t know much about the kind of circle you’re talking about, so – if the line delineating it doesn’t have to be a solid, continuous (connected) line, could you use small stones, or twigs that have fallen off the trees in your yard? The twigs wouldn’t have to be any taller than the grass, so no one else would see them, but you would know they are there. Same for the stones, they could be very small, so that they don’t show from a distance, but could be seen if you walk up to the circle.

  3. Salt or flour might make you a usable circle.

    If you want your sacrifice to be a gift of/from abundance, you could donate real $ to Second Harvest or some other similar organization that will distribute real bounty to others, and burn some fake money to symbolize that. It’s too bad there’s no Chinatown in Nashville, because you could get all sorts of great stuff for such sacrifices there.

  4. Would Lime work for your circle? It would have the extra benefit of leaving a greener circle in your grass next year. Definitely plant yourself some spirals and circles in bulbs later this year for the Spring (No planting bulbs around here until Thanksgiving or early December-we stay too warm).

  5. I always think when it comes to magic the most powerful sacrifices are those which honour some part of your fortune. Since blood magic is the most powerful and you’ve had a diagnosis for your lady parts, and your blood is precious…

    perhaps you could have a vial of menstrual blood on your altar. Menstrual blood contains not only your life essence but your fertility as well. After the 9 days you could mix the blood with the ash as a tribute to the Hearth Goddess and the Mother. That would signify for your health issues.

    In honour of your house you could donate some type of funds to any of the post-disaster rebuilding efforts.

    I still have to think of something significant to honour your father’s health issues.

    As far as your circle, I wouldn’t use Lime because Limestone mutes magick energy (as do other sedimentary stones.)

  6. Oh, I think Kat’s donation idea is much more on target than mine. I tend to think of abundance in terms of food, since gardening and cooking are things I’m good at, but she’s completely right about honoring the house. And if you used flour for the circle, that would use food to signify prosperity, anyway. And it would confuse the dickens out of the crows, which is always fun to watch.

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