In Which I Single-Handedly Save Robertson County

I spend a lot of time in Robertson County and I think we can all agree that it has some issues.  Like many other rural counties, there’s a massive job and brain drain and so it’s made up mostly of kids and old people.

But it has a historic industry that could be revived, one that served it well in troubled times before.

If the people of Robertson County want to save Robertson County, they need to start distilling whiskey.

If Kentucky can have its Bourbon Trail, and more importantly, if Kentucky can support at least seven bourbon distilleries and reap the tourist benefits of them, why the heck is Tennessee limiting itself to the whiskeys of Jack Daniel’s and George Dickle?

The Pitt Distillery still has historic buildings you can go look at north of Springfield and you can still hop on Distillery Road just west of Greenbrier.  So, I say, let’s bring back Robertson County whiskey and put some jobs back into the economy up there.  There’s got to be some old moonshiners who could show folks how it’s done.


Newscoma, you might float this in Hooterville, too.  Just think if you had a completely locally made whiskey, with everything from the water to the grain to the wood from the barrels to age it in coming from right there in the county.  Seems to me that could put some folks to work.


11 thoughts on “In Which I Single-Handedly Save Robertson County

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  2. Tennessee whiskey? Whatever. If it isn’t made in Nelson, Woodford, or Franklin county Kentucky, you might as well be swilling Heaven Hill.

    That said, if you have ever been to Bardstown, it is an absolutely gorgeous area.

  3. booze made in some place called hooterville? hmm… the restaurant chain “hooters” does serve alcohol, does it not… instant franchise monopoly, profit all around.

    provided the distillery’s willing to put out nearly-undrinkable swill, of course, since that’s what that chain would be most likely to want for its franchise label. but this being american-made whiskey we’re talking about, that should not be a problem…

  4. Nomen, have you ever in your life tasted George Dickel sippin’ whiskey? Unless you have, you have no business commenting in this thread. I say this with love, of course, and encouragement to go out and try some.

  5. So, I should send you the information on where to buy a legal still for your backyard? It’s called personal use, up to a certain point.

    There’s a newer Distillery down toward Lynchburg called Pritchards that is making rums and flavored liquors too.

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