Why I Weep for the Youth of Our Country

“A penguin’s not a mammal is it?”


“I didn’t think so.”


“My social studies book says it is, that penguins and polar bears and other mammals live in the Arctic.”

“Wait.  I thought polar bears lived in the Arctic and penguins lived in the Anarctic.”

“B., I’m learning that penguins are mammals.  How am I supposed to know where they actually live?”

“Good point.”

Trueblood, Week Whatever

What town is small enough to have only one black family but big enough to have a taxi service?

Here, I’ve decided, is my main problem with this show.  I just don’t know what the hell it is.  If it’s a mystery–who’s killing all these folks–then why aren’t we spending more time on that.  If it’s a show about how vampires come out and become a part of society, why aren’t we focused more on that?  And if it’s a show about Sookie, why doesn’t she do anything?