But One Undeniably Awesome Thing about True Blood…

The music.  Holy cow.  I raise a toast to the music director of that show.  Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” is like if Chris Isaak and someone had a baby.

Ha, okay, that is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever written.  I mean, really what is not like if Chris Isaak and someone had a baby?  I could say that Sweet Acidophelous Milk from Purity Dairy is like if Chris Isaak and an angel had a baby.  Or that Mrs. Wigglebottom is like if Chris Isaak and Cujo had a baby.

There is nothing nor no one Chris Isaak couldn’t have a baby with and leave you with an awesome metaphor.

3 thoughts on “But One Undeniably Awesome Thing about True Blood…

  1. I love this post even though I’ve never seen, nor probably will I ever, Trueblood (and when I hear that word/name, all I think about is the character from Ellison’s “Invisible Man,” the incestuous guy in the beginning). I love it because you are so right about Chris Isaak. I just need more of him in my life, even if only through his (imaginary) odd offspring.


  2. Maybe it’s just that Louisiana and vampires are a good mix, or that I like vamps who have that languorous drawl, but I like the show too (and the music, oh yes). I was kinda surprised to see such graphic sexuality (I’m so innocent, ya know), but seeing as there are no other vamp tales on TV, I’ll keep watching.

  3. The music is the great thing I kept coming back to. It felt like they had the same music director as Deadwood–I still have to look that up. In fact….

    ::tabs over to Google::

    Nope. The music team are the same ones that did House and Dexter, but not Deadwood.

    I can kind of see that, I guess. But the music here seems much more reminiscent of Deadwood than those other two shows to me. Especially Dexter.

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