By Glen Dean’s Measure I’m a Fifty Year Old Mexican Man

Glen Dean is all upset that Bob Krumm thinks the Ayers thing is a losing argument.  Fine, whatever.  I’m not that interested in watching Conservatives play “But who’s the true conservative?” unless it involves Roger Abramson in some way.

But you’re going to drag my name into it, as if Krumm somehow thinking along the “same” lines as me “proves that he regularly reads and admires” me, and as if Krumm regularly reading and admiring me proves something untoward about Krumm, well, then, we’ve got problems.

For starters, I like Bob Krumm as far as people I’ve met a couple of times and completely disagree with go.  I even voted for him when he ran for office, because in my brief encounters with him, I’ve found him to be a thoughtful person upon whom things weigh heavily and I thought that it wouldn’t hurt the State Government to have a thoughtful person who takes the decisions he makes to heart in office.  That is as far as my association with Bob Krumm goes.

And I think he’s a cutie, in that stiff, conservative way.

That’s it.

If my vaguely positive feelings towards Krumm are a problem, if they somehow taint him and make his positions easily dismissible, then, I’m sorry.

Well, sorry that this has turned into some kind of performance art piece that exactly illustrates my point about why this whole Ayers thing is so stupid.

Glen Dean says–

Folks, you are your associations.

–while attempting to create some association between Bob Krumm and me and using that “association” to smear Bob Krumm.  Should Krumm encase himself in a giant plastic bubble so as to not breathe the same air as me?  Should he call ahead to restaurants and make sure I’m not there before he goes there?  If he sees me in the street and remembers what I look like, should he scream and run the other way?  I mean, just what does a person who, oh, you know, occasionally leaves the house do to make sure he’s not making unsavory associations?

And please, I only wish I had secret super powers, or hypnotic feminist wiles that allowed me to secretly command an army of seemingly conservative men who strived for my approval and back-pats.

Let’s just cut through this bullshit with Occam’s razor.

Perhaps the reason that both Krumm and I say that bringing up Ayers doesn’t achieve anything is because it doesn’t achieve anything Krumm didn’t come to that conclusion because of his “association” with me (which is basically nonexistent) or because he wants my approval, but because it’s obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that

By 1992 America was tired of fighting the Vietnam War.  What makes anyone think that sixteen years later we want to re-fight it again?  It is a loser issue.  Drop it.

This exactly is the problem.  If you’re going to hold a person responsible for the views of every single person they’ve ever had a cordial conversation with, then you’re going to end up doing stuff as stupid as assuming that I have some kind of influence over Bob Krumm or that Jeremiah Wright’s views are Obama’s views or (and I’m tossing this one out there for you, Bob) that Palin is an anti-Semite who thinks Jews control all of the money in the world and that it’s okay to run women who you think are witches and have placed curses on people out of town.

Or we can all be grown-ups who understand how the world works, and remember that, if a person is actually going to have a life, that they’re going to know and associate with all kinds of people that are very different than them.

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  1. Remember B, you’re dealing with folks who think Ayers was Obama’s “mentor.” If they think that notion is reasonable, I’m surprised they don’t think you and Hobbs have some illegitimate kid out there somewhere.

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  3. God, I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is, to not only be mentioned in the title of your post, but to have the whole post devoted to little old me. Thanks.

    By the way, that excerpt you took from, was not about Bob and his association to you. It was about Obama and his associations to people like Ayers, Rezko, Wright, Pflegler, and others. Notice that I actually marked out the word associations and replaced it with the word alliances, with a link back to an article on the net today by Thomas Sowell (the smartest person in America). Here is the whole paragraph/context.

    Folks, you are your associations alliances. Due to his associations, Barack Obama could not even get enough security clearance to be an MP, and some are actually considering electing him Commander in chief?

    Pretty obvious to me who I was talking about.

    I know and associate with most of yall myself. I have met you and Mack, Brittney, Tracy, Chris, Ivy, Ginger, and many others and found you all to be nice people. I like all of you. But I don’t write to impress you all and clamor for your approval. Some “conservatives” do this though. Maybe Bob isn’t one of them. Surely Abramson is, and even AC, someone I also have met and like.

    Again, I wasn’t writing about Bob’s association to you, but Obama’s many associations. As for Bob and you, my inference was that Bob is like many other “right wing” bloggers that sometimes bend their principles, in order to sound more moderate and gain the approval of lefties like yourself.

    Guys if you think that Obama is only loosely associated with Ayers, you are in denial. As Sowell put it, these are not associations, but alliances.

  4. And his “alliance” is what? Serving more than a decade ago on a foundation board funded by one of Ronald Reagan’s best friends (the same guy who served as a diplomat under Nixon)? Sitting six times around a big table? Helping a bipartisan bunch of teachers, lawyers, engineers, and public education experts improve the performance of Chicago’s inner-city schools and helping teachers who worked in Chicago Public schools get their certification?

    Shameful, I tell you. What was he thinking, working with idiots like Illinois Republican Party Chair Andrew McKenna?

  5. 1. Glen has offended the internets because 10ACfree won’t load.

    2. an asteroid is hitting the planet tonight, destroying the world, or making pretty lights in the sky, it’s still unclear, but all the important sites (blushes) have reported it. this will become unimportant anyway.

    3. that ayers crap was in the 60s, who gives a shit now. we’re all older, wiser, and not the same people we were then.

  6. Yeah Jim, that Dixiecrat crap was in the forties, nobody cared about that Strom Thurmond stuff either. Didn’t matter to a certain Majority Leader from Mississippi.

  7. I realize that reference to McKenna may have been a little obscure — McKenna’s not just the head of the Illinois Republican Party but he is now also the Chairman of McDonald’s. His corporation’s products have contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans (not to mention our global allies); Big Macs alone have created thousands of known cases of coronary heart disease and cost taxpayers millions in health care costs. McKenna served with Obama on the Challenge Foundation board. I don’t know why the MSM isn’t making more of this troubling alliance.

    See how stupid that argument sounds, Glen?

  8. …Thomas Sowell (the smartest person in America)…

    The emergence of the McCain/Palin ticket has temporarily stunned my sense of who’s making dark humor and who’s being serious, so someone please help me out here: is the above-quoted phrase tongue-in-cheek, or is it serious?

  9. Thomas Sowell (the smartest person in America)


    seriously, what kind of indoctrination does it take to make a person believe such utter poppycock?

  10. It annoys me that Glen shows up to answer the easy stuff but he won’t answer when Bridget says ‘And his “alliance” is what?’. And his whole attempt to disabuse us of the idea that Obama did anything other than sit at the same table as Ayers is ‘if you believe that, you’re nuts’.

    If it’s wrong then prove it please Glenn. Aunt B may be a Democrat, but I’m just a left leaning independent that still has the potential to be swayed to your candidate.

  11. W, I don’t want to answer for Glen, but I suspect that he hasn’t just walked away to reload. I think he was making an assertion for which he had no evidence and once that was pointed out, he found himself suddenly very busy elsewhere.

    On the other hand, I do have evidence at my disposal and so do you, if you have the time. If you want to look at the Challenge Foundation records yourself, they are available on-line at the address that follows:

  12. B, I’ve been spamulated.

    W, in the post that Betsy will fish out directly, I provide you and other readers with a link to PDF files of the records of the Challenge Foundation so that you can see for yourself that there is no there there. A google search for “Annenberg Challenge Foundation Chicago” will do it. I read it back in August when it was released and, like CNN, found that the allegations being made by Sarah Palin (and by Glen) to be unsubstantiated.

    However, I feel duty-bound to qualify something I said because I overstated the impact of the Challenge Foundation’s funding overall. The impact on Chicago Public schools was both positive and sustained past the life of the $50mil grant. The Board certification program was very effective (which accounts for the sustained positive effect in inner-city education overall). However, once the Challenge lost focus and tried to expand out into the suburbs, it lost its mojo and thus the impact overall was not so great.

  13. Thanks for the link Bridgett. I have very little time for The Google these days, but I have looked at it a little bit and I agree with you. I suppose that was my less confrontational way of challenging Glen. I was hoping he’d bust out something I haven’t seen to support his questioning of everyone’s intelligence.

  14. Guys, could it be possible that Glen Dean works something like sixty hours a week, is a single dad, and doesn’t hit refresh every ten minutes while staring at Aunt Bee’s posts. Good God, do you people even have jobs? Do you all just sit around and blog all day. Obama is a damn liar and you know it. He launched his political career in Ayers bedroom. He attended Wright’s church for twenty years. The son of a bitch could commit murder and you people would still fall down and worship at his feet. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it.

  15. y’know, those things you just called us all might otherwise be borderline insulting. but seeing as they come from somebody who thinks thomas sowell is the “smartest person in america”, well…

    …actually, i just still can’t stop chuckling about that. i don’t think i soon will, either.

  16. Glen, if you don’t have time to flush, don’t drop a deuce on someone else’s blog.

    In Ayers’ bedroom? For reals? And your source on that is…?

  17. Okay, once you start talking in all seriousness about yourself in the third person, you lose all credibility. I’m sorry I brought it up. Go forth, Glen, and slander me in peace in the future because clearly engaging you is completely stupid on my part. I won’t make that mistake again.

  18. Oh God, Aunt Bee. I wasn’t mean to you. I linked you again, btw.

    Lighten up. I just get irritated when people get the idea that all you have time to do is blog. You comment. Respond, respond again. Then leave when you think the thing is over, and some joker sitting in his basement accuses you of playing dodgeball.

    Bridgett, maybe the only people that should blog are college profs that spend 12 hours a week teaching.

    Btw, the “smartest man in America” label of Sowell is a reference to G. Gordon Liddy. He calls him that. I do like Sowell though. Guess there aren’t a lot of Liddy show fans here.

  19. Glen, the 12 hours a week I spend in the classroom comes, on average, with the other 60 hours a week I spend grading papers, mentoring students, advising the honors society, writing recommendation letters for grad school, preparing for class, writing articles and books, chairing my department and doing all the administrative work for the department (from photocopying, for there is no departmental secretary, to making spreadsheets to doing payroll to doing anything else a small business owner does, up to and including periodic maintenance to the departmental toilet), planning academic conferences, giving interviews, ordering library books, giving public history talks, and recruiting next year’s class. It’s a demanding job but I’m lucky to have it and I like doing it so I don’t whine about it. By my calculations, however, I work 12 hours a week more than you do, slacker.

    If you have time to be snarky, you have time to produce some evidence — hard to do when you don’t have the hosses, I realize.

  20. And in the interest of setting a good example of providing substantive evidence for what I say, here’s the analysis of available evidence from the non-partisan public interest group, They have conclude that McCain and Palin’s attacks are false and that their assertions (and thus, yours) are groundless and misleading:

    If you have better evidence, now’s the time to put up or shut up.

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