Oh, Computer

Before I start this post complaining about my computer, I must share with you a funny thing about Mrs. Wigglebottom.  So, somehow, after our disasterous attempt to get her into my bed the other night, in which she sent me flying out of the bed and she ended up sprawled on the ground (why, yes, her knee has been bothering her.  Why do you ask?), she has now managed to get into my bed.  But she cannot figure out how to get down.  I need to go in and rescue her, but I’ve been lauging so hard at listening to her circling around, trying to figure it out.

Okay, the dog has been rescued.

So, yes, my computer.  I just moved, so clearly I haven’t yet uncovered the disks to do a complete reinstall.  But I thought I had it working again.  But I just noticed that I cannot go to any websites that might have anything to do with aiding my computer (I can’t get the Microsoft update to work; none of my anti-virus or spywear stuff can access their servers to update) and all of my browsers still send me whereever the hell they want when I do a search.

Until I find those disks, I am at a complete loss as to what to do.

8 thoughts on “Oh, Computer

  1. I have found an all points bulletin on Twitter solves these kind of woes for me every time.

    Software geeks know all the good stuff under 140 characters. ;)

  2. Oh, god, and I was thinking it might be spoiling her to get a small bath mat to put by the side of the bed. Here you are talking steps!

    Plus, woman, you helped me move! That’s an enormous gift already.

  3. I’ve been thru the dog in bed thing. When my Doberman went blind, she really got around pretty well and did fabulously walking around in the house and the yard.

    The problem was sometimes when she first woke up. Depending on where she had curled up on the bed to sleep, sometimes she’d be confused and I’d have to pick her up and put her on the floor. Or sometimes she would get out of the wrong side of the bed (where there’s really no easy way to go, especially if you’re blind) and I’d have to pick her up and put her on the other side of the bed. Luckily she was small for a Doberman so it was no big deal, but there was a lot of confusion a lot of days upon first waking up.

    So thank goodness Mrs. Wigglebottom can still see! Unfortunately I’m betting she weighs about twice what my Dobe did, eek.

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