Emily Dickinson, Immoral Hussy?!

I can only hope a revelation like this

For example, when Mabel Loomis Todd, the vivacious and talented wife of Amherst College astronomer David Todd, was invited to play the piano for Dickinson and her younger sister, Lavinia, in September of 1882, she received a startling warning from their sister-in-law, Susan Dickinson, next door. The Dickinson spinster sisters, Sue informed her, “have not, either of them, any idea of morality.” Sue added darkly, “I went in there one day, and in the drawing room I found Emily reclining in the arms of a man.

–will mean that Emily can soon be included on the Bad Girl Blog.

Whew, that Sue sounds like a stick in the mud (maybe she should go work for the NSA), but she can turn a phrase.  “In the drawing room I found Emily reclining in the arms of a man.”  That’s actually quite lovely.  I hope the soldier I get to talk dirty to has a fetish for 19th century American poets, so that I can say things like “Sue comes in and finds us in the drawing room, where I am reclining in the arms of a man.”

Edited to add: The only thing that worries me about this whole ‘Dirty Talk the Troops’ thing is that I have the least sexy, sexy voice.  In fact, the only time I sound even remotely sexy on the phone is when I’m sick.  And need I remind you how my last effort went?

8 thoughts on “Emily Dickinson, Immoral Hussy?!

  1. Recall, B and B’s dear readers, (or just follow the link to see for yourselves) that you did in fact have plenty of sex appeal. It was just a rarer form of sex appeal than we were expecting and so were at first caught off guard.

    Next weekend I’m in town (I think it’s November then), we need to make those wacky drinks to prepare for making those phone calls! Although they might be kinda summertime drinks and so we’ve missed our window of opportunity once again and should then make hot buttered rum in the crock pot.

  2. We could make hot hard cider. I should have the fireplace in working order by then, which will be nice (though it will also mean we have to acquire some wood).

  3. I have so many things I want to snark, but, when it comes to drunks and dashboard injuries, I have such fondness for that combination I just can’t bring myself to tease about it.

  4. I think Susan Dickinson lived with a knowledge she wished she didn’t have about her father-in-law’s home life next door. To become an even greater torment to her as her husband took up with the young Mabel (he fell in love with her)and met with her there, at the Old Homestead. All written of in “The Rape and Recovery of Emily Dickinson, In Her Words, Poems of Witness and Worth”

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