Support the Troops!

Now that we know for certain that the purpose of the NSA wiretaps is not to listen in on Al Quaida but to provide bored government workers cheep titilation and entertainment while listening in on the private conversations of our own soldiers, who I am certain are not terrorist, I think it is time for every American to step up and support our troops.

“Aunt B.,” you may ask, “I don’t see how the NSA acting like a bunch of jackasses gives us any opportunity for supporting our troops.”

Well, no, seemingly, not on the surface.  But think of it this way.  Right now, the NSA can listen in on our troops having what they think are private intimate moments with their loved ones because the NSA doesn’t have enough to do and there are relatively few dirty phone calls being made by our troops.

But, if we each vowed to call one soldier overseas and talk filthy to him or her, the NSA would be overwhelmed by salatious phone calls they needed to monitor and giggle about like junior high school children and the soldiers who were having real dirty phone calls would then again be afforded some amount of privacy.

I know a few veterans read this blog and I hope they’ll help coordinate our efforts.

13 thoughts on “Support the Troops!

  1. Oh hell, I’m in, even though I really don’t have experience with dirty phone calls so my novice efforts may be a little whimsical.

    I just need someone to call.

  2. Although, thinking about it over lunch, I now wonder if some of us shouldn’t focus on calling the folks at the NSA directly, if they’re in such desperate need of titillation.

  3. there’s an old joke, modified over time to fit whoever’s doing the domestic spying at the moment:

    “job openings at the NSA. good pay, excellent benefits. pick up your phone, call your mother, and ask for an application.”

  4. Now, Casey, you’re not supposed to enjoy it. This isn’t for fun. This is supposed to just provide cover for the folks who actually do need to make enjoyable dirty phone calls. So, no, I’m sorry. If you get a Marine Drill Sargent named Bill, both you and Bill better make the best of it.

    War is hell, as they say. ;)

  5. LOL. I just wouldn’t know what to say to a Bill. Now “GI Jane” sitting behind a .50 cal on convoy duty, her I could talk dirty to, and feel like a Patriot at the same time.

  6. Oh, god, then you just know I’m going to get poor Bill and because of DADT, he won’t be able to tell me that I’m freaking him out and it will be just like when I tried to show Fritz around a cooter and ruined him for life!

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