Let’s Play Vet

I have a number of questions, America.

1.  Can I trim up my dog’s lampshade collar?  It’s so big that when she goes to eat, she can’t get her face close enough to the bowl to actually get any food and while I’m not that worried about her eating tons (though I’m glad to see she’s got her appetite), I do want her to be able to get as much water as she wants.  Plus, I think she’d be much less freaked about being in it if it weren’t like being stuck way at the end of a large tunnel.

Right now, she has it off, because I took it off her to wash it and I can watch her to make sure she doesn’t bother her incision, but when we go to sleep or when we get back to our daily routines that don’t include just sitting on the couch watching her sleep, she’ll have to have it on and I want to make sure that goes as well as possible.

2.  I’ve stopped giving her the sedative and she seems a lot happier.  Still very stoned from the pain medication, but able to walk when we take her outside and she doesn’t just stare off like Keith Richards circa 1973.  Plus, she seems to be actually sleeping now, as opposed to just kind of passing out.  So, if she’s calm without it, I don’t see any reason to give it to her, do you?

3.  You know how dogs have that third eyelid thingy?  Both of hers are not fully retracting when she opens her eyes.  I’m right now attributing this to the drugs and the fact that she’s probably a little dehydrated.  But I’m keeping an eye on it.

4.  That is all.  I don’t have a four.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Play Vet

  1. as long as the collar is big enough to prevent her reaching the wound, all is good. I don’t know how to measure that – I’m a philosopher, not an engineer – but if you can figure it out, then trim away.

    I’m so sad that I’m not able to come up to visit her (and to see the house in its lived in condition) this weekend. I really just want to sit on the couch with her head in my lap talking with you about important and funny and dirty things. Soon enough.

  2. Sig seen on DailyKos comment:

    “Pit bulls are intelligent, perceptive, funny, loyal, clever animals. I had a pit bull as my best friend… Governor Palin, you are no pit bull. ”

    I hope Mrs. W feels better soon.

  3. yeah, ditto on what the professor said about the elizabethan collar. Prevent her from licking the wound while she’s stoned and afterwhen it starts hurting.

  4. once when my dog was coned, the cone was just big enough to completely cover the food bowl all the way to the floor… while she was eating away happily in the middle of the whole arrangement. that was a just long enough cone, i think.

    offer her plenty of fluids and try to help her keep hydrated. she’ll need it to heal.

    watch her reactions and keep her stoned enough to not show any pain, then just a bit more stoned than that, since she’s likely to be hiding some pain (as all animals do) and have a pretty high pain threshold anyway (like most pitbulls do). if she’s calm enough to not freak out over “OMG my leg’s all cut up!!!1!eleven!”, then no need to sedate her; otherwise, dope her up until any possible freaking-out subsides.

  5. 1. yes
    2. no
    3. hmmm….that should stop soon, if not, off to the vet
    4. she’s a pitbull…she’s already great and will be fine

    my pitbull is currently sniffing trash, i foresee trouble in his immediate future. :)

  6. My StaffieX got into a fight with my Dane one night, leaving the Staffie bruised and the Dane bloody. With the the Big Black Dog, he managed to abandon his collar the first night and his bandage the second (the collar was chewed to bits to show his disdain, while the bandage had been delicately set to the side for proper disposal), and he never did bother his wound. So I would follow Mrs. W’s lead on “making” her wear it. And, yeah, trim as needed to let the girl drink. Although you might find it as easy to find a taller bowl and keep it topped off, so she doesn’t need to go as low.

    And drug only as needed. If she’s high as a kite, she may not need as much. From all my recent dental work, the pain meds made me a bit dopey when working “just right,” and they made me a freakin’ LOON when they got too strong.

    If she’s content, what’s the point in sedating her? I’m just glad to hear she’s home. It’s hard to heal when you’re scared, be ye human, canine or feline. Darn the vet staff for not cluing into that to offer her comfort. Wish I could lend you my vet who, although my StaffieX hates men and the Kitchen Cat hates everybody, holds all my animals in thrall. He’s a darned good sugeon, to boot! But this ordeal is mostly behind her, and dogs bounce back quickly. One of their best traits is their ability to let go of “past.” And you absolutely did the perfect thing to thank her for her love and friendship and “familyness” by helping to make her better! May healing be quick and painless for both of you.

  7. Pixie, I’m so glad to hear that. We haven’t been putting the collar on her during the day and a little “Leave it” has been more than enough to keep her from so much as looking at her knee.

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