Reason Number 1 Sedating the Dog is Stupid

I can’t even bear to tell you the details.  Let’s just say that my morning ended up with me stuck in a used car lot with a dog so stoned she couldn’t even see strait, Mack calling the police for me*, the Butcher wandering around Madison for an hour, and…

Oh god.

Just imagine this story but with the interior of my car instead of pants.  Plimco, my love, as someone who has been there, and on this very day, you have my deepest sympathies**.

It could be worse, of course.  John Rich could have mistaken me for a member of Danzig.

*Note: FOR me, not ON me.  I told him I’d explain when it was funny for me.  At the moment, it’s still too gross.  “Why” he asked “did you bring the dog?”  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that, even deeply sedated, the only place the dog would calm down and sleep this morning was in the back seat of the car and I didn’t have the heart to being her back in the house before we left.

** Poor Mrs. Wigglebottom didn’t even notice.  Normally, when she’s sick enough that that happens, she’s all sheepish and upset.  This morning, she was just “uh, did you get the license plate on that truck that hit me?” and then she went back to sleep.  The problem is that we’ve been taking her collar off during the day because we can keep an eye on her and keep her from bothering the wound.  But we’ve been putting it on at night so that we can sleep without having to worry about it.  But she can’t get herself situated with it on, because it’s just so unweildy, so she sleeps poorly.  So, we sedate her at night so she’ll sleep.  It’s a mess and it’s going to take us a few days to get it straight and by then?  She’ll probably have resolved it herself.

And, obviously, we’ve been ignoring the “Keep her in her crate for 8 weeks” part of the instructions, because a. we can’t find her crate and b. she’d bark and cry for 8 weeks straight and I could not bear that.

We’ve been lifting her up and down everything and she’s not that interested in getting up and walking around, but when she is, well, we let her hobble around.  I mean, she’s not putting any weight on the leg, so what’s it matter if she walks a little around the house?

God, I’m babbling.

The Man From GM Knows Democrats

I had a long conversation with the Man from GM last night.  They’ve moved him over to work on electric cars, but he’s very worried that he’ll lose his job.  He thinks he’s got some stuff lined up, but I think it’s the uncertainty that’s doing him in.

Anyway, we were talking politics.  It’s funny because he considers himself to be libertarian, except that he thinks libertarians are crazy and so he votes Democrat.  Most other libertarians I know who think libertarians are crazy vote Republican, but the world is a weird place and it takes all kinds.

The main reason, though, that he’s not a Republican is that he believes that Republicans are opposed to science and innovation and he, as an engineer, is excited by science and innovation.  He wants the government to throw ridiculous amounts of money at some seemingly impossible thing so that America can rally around and see if we can do it.

He also sees two strains of America, but where I see it being between… I don’t know, the outsiders and the insiders, I guess I’d call it… he sees it as being between the superstitiously afraid and the intellectually curious.  And he wants to cast his lot with the curious.

Anyway, here’s his fear.  He believes Obama and he believes in Obama.  He thinks that Obama has a vision for America and how we can be a great and thriving place again.

He doesn’t believe the rest of the Democrats will go along with it.  He thinks that they’ll get into power in Congress and spend the next two, maybe four, years playing political payback and “now’s our chance to get stuff.”

His point, which I believe is completely valid and it scares the shit out of me, is that an Obama victory and a Democratic Congress doesn’t mean much if Congress doesn’t turn away from the “politics of the past” as well.

How do you argue with that, my friends?  It’s my fear, too.