I Can’t Look

It’s been five hours and I still have neither a dishwasher nor a working ice maker.  I’ve heard no drilling which would make me feel like the microwave has been installed.  But it’s so quiet in there that I think the Butcher has given up and left.

Day Full of Construction

I know you never doubted, but it turns out that I have a beautiful chimney, even though my smoke box needed to be tucked.

Thanks to Mrs. Wigglebottom charming the socks off the chimney sweep, he tucked my smoke box the old fashioned way, rather than going in through the wall in my bedroom.  I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.

Ha, yes, it is day of unintended double-entendres here at Tiny Cat Pants, why?

The Butcher and the recalcitrant brother are installing my dishwasher.  This sometimes requires the help of my nephew, because he has skinny arms, and now they’re off in search of some part they didn’t know they needed.

Mrs. Wigglebottom is outside sleeping in the sun.  In here, she’s just been barking and falling all over the floor and being all uncomfortable, so I put her outside in an effort to keep her quiet and distracted.  I hope it’s working.