Liveblogging True Blood, Because I Can

Hmm.  Vampires turn to uncongeled Jello.  That’s unfortunate.

I do love this opening, though.  I want to live in the opening of this show.

But what pie will Sookie eat to mourn Bill?!

No!  No!  He’s not wise.  He’s right.  He’s not wise.

Oh, self-loathing half-naked man!  Who can resist that?

So, here’s Jason, finally having some self-awareness, and hippie chick has to talk him out of it.  That’s too bad.

I love Terry.  Just love him.

But I think it’s bullshit to fuck with a dude who’s not got a good grasp on his mental state.  Sam’s kind of a dick to everyone but Tara, that’s for sure.

What happened to the rain?

If Bill had really died, would they open up his old grave to put him in it, do you suppose?

Man, I just hate it when my dead confederate boyfriend comes out of the ground all naked and horney and hungry.  I always, always, make him hose off first.

Ha, ha, Sam.  No, Bill wasn’t.

I really hope Tara doesn’t have a demon.  That would be so stupid.

Is Arlene flirting with Terry?

Oh, Rene!  I love you so much, too.  How did it happen?  You went from being a sweet-talking background character to the sweetest guy on the show.

Oh no!  The little coroner’s helper dude is dead!

“You remember anything else, we’ll be having a burger inside.”  Rich, rich, rich.

Sam’s story about being a nudist is so great, I almost wish it were true.

Did Bill have dry-cleaning?!  I find that hilarious.

Why don’t I ever get to come home and find a tall, naked blond Viking listening to Old Swedish music in my tub?  For that matter, why don’t I get to have a tub like that?

“Area 5.”  That sounds so stupid!  Area 5.  I want to be viceroy of Area 27,

No, Tara!  No!  Find yourself a real hoodoo woman!

Wow.  Amy is a mean-ass, bad-ass.

I jumped when that dude leaped over at Sookie.  Ha.


Okay, let’s cover the main bases.  1.  Sookie was the weakest, most annoying part of this episode.  2.  Someone over at TWoP mentioned that Erik sounds like Kermit and now I want to lust after him, but it’s ruined by that image.  3.  Okay, by the end, I was hoping Tara had a demon so they could get it out of her and she could find someone nicer to fuck.  And 4., They have to have changed the killer.  I just refuse to believe that it is who it is in the book.  But I am willing to believe it’s someone they’ve slept with.

4 thoughts on “Liveblogging True Blood, Because I Can

  1. I think they’ve changed the killer, too. I just don’t see how it can be the person it is in the books. Speaking of the books, I really need to read them now to see if they’re at all accurate to the way they’re handling it on the show. I’ve heard there is a lot more sex in the books- in which case, rock on. I love sexy, trashy books.

    Also, I adore the actor who is playing Tara. The look of joy on her face when she bit into her mom’s hoecakes was divine- just that right bit of childish joy in there. I loved it.

    Another thing- that chick Amy is everything I have EVER hated about the name Amy. They’re always hippie-dippie or ultra-sweet cheerleader who is rotten at the core. And there you go, the real reason I can’t go by the name Amy. I despise most of them.

  2. I’ve read the first book, the show is very different.
    Tara is a very interesting character, she is so sad and lost. I can’t wait to see what they do with her.
    Jason is just fucked-up so much it’s annoying.

  3. I think the actor who plays Tara is amazing. The character is… problematic… to put it mildly, but she takes every chance she gets to really make that character rich. And I really do feel for her. First, because she has sex like I have sex–good, but fucked up–and second because lord don’t I know the bullshit of “but everything’s fine now, can’t you just get over it and be happy?” I kind of envy her open anger.

    I can never think of you as Amy, Ivy, though. I think Ivy is just perfect for you and whenever someone mentions “Amy” I always imagine it as your boring alter-ego, the Peter Parker to your Spiderman.

    Jason… Oh, Jason. I fluctuate wildly between being annoyed by him and feeling like he’s on the verge of something true about himself.

  4. I’ve been putting all my deepest thoughts in the other comments so here I’ll just take this space to say that I feel Anna Paquin was really miscast as Sookie. The Sookie of the books reads a lot more like Heather Graham. Although I guess Anna Paquin is for-reals dating the Vampire Bill actor so I guess it worked out for her.

    Although I’m always suspicious of on-set romances. They’re like the Hollywood version of Summer Camp romances to me.

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