The China Cabinet is Set Up

I know many of you are sitting around wondering–“What if eleven of us descended on Aunt B. and demanded she serve us a fancy meal on her good china and also eat it with us?”

Well, folks, I have twelve place settings of big plates, little plates, big bowls, little bowls, and saucers.  I have two serving dishes a gravy boat and two things that are, I think, for cream and sugar.

“But wait!” you say, “We’re going to have three more people over for coffee after dinner.”

No problem.  I have, for some reason, three extra tea cups.

I think I told you about this china.  My great grandma Teckla accumulated it and left it for me.  It sat in my grandma’s attic for a long time, while she denied its existence, but my mom and my Aunt B. liberated it and now I have it and I have my other grandma’s china cabinet in which to set it.

Sadly, I only have six dining room chairs, but folks could eat in two shifts, pretty easy.

2 thoughts on “The China Cabinet is Set Up

  1. Hey, everybody, Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt B’s!

    Seriously, I am happy for you in your china-cabinetedness. There’s something that just feels right about having one, and having something, however small, to put in it that belonged to your ancestors.

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