To-Done List

1.  Trip to Home Depot to get stuff for compost pile (chicken wire and posts)–done.

2.  Firewood purchased from shady threesome in a truck–check.

3.  Groceries purchased–check

4.  China unpacked–check

5.  Sheets washed–check

6,  Recalcitrant brother taught to copy and paste on the computer–done

7,  Bathroom cleaned–check

8.  Groceries put away–check

9.  Glass beads fished out of ashes–done

To do:

1.  Make bed

2.  Fold and put away other laundry

3.  Tell the Butcher where I think the compost pile should go

4.  Finally convince chin hair it would be happier being a free-range hair unattached to me

5.  Put bed on little “don’t roll” coasters

6.  The kitchen.  Oh, god, the kitchen.  I shake my fist at you kitchen

7,  Procrastinate.