Attention All Cats!

It is apparently gallop the length of the house time.

Please commence galloping the length of your own homes.

The orange cat has things taken care of here.

10 thoughts on “Attention All Cats!

  1. The gallop began at 8 am this morning. It lasted for about an hour. My cat is obviously on European cat stampede time… like running of the bulls, but one solitary feline on a wood floor.

  2. I’m spending a lot more time at home now that I’m on fellowship, and I have learned that galloping the length of the house has to occur at least once a day – not before the post-breakfast nap (which is serious and never skipped, even in favor of cudding), but not after dark. I’m in a different time zone, though, which might cause some national cat-gallop arrhythmia.

  3. I woke up to the CatBastard howling what I swear was “oh no!, oh no!” and then running madly up and down the stairs this morning. It was very weird.

  4. My dog must have heard all the cats racing around in other people’s houses since we don’t have one because he definitely got into the act too.

  5. Our cats got this memo somewhere around 2 AM today and promptly got to work. This was apparently so taxing that they look like they will spend the rest of the day sleeping in a big pile of cat on the rug by the back door.

  6. A few years ago I had a cat that would wait until close to midnight to sprint the length of the house several times. I assumed he had cat reasons, since there were no other apparent motives.

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