But Why Would You Want To?

Rob Huddleston asks

So you think that if I hung a stuffed Barack Obama from the tree in my front yard that I would even be allowed time to remove the offending implement? Or would the enlightened liberal thought police have already torched my house before I got home?

And I have a couple of small questions, like “How big is Huddleston’s front yard that folks could show up and burn down his house in the time it took him to walk from the tree to his house?”  and “If Obama is really the Anti-Christ, won’t he just be able to use his supernatural powers of EVIL to burn down Huddleston’s house without involving the ‘thought police’?  Is the Anti-Christ really so wimpy that he has to have liberals do his dirty work?”

But the big question i have, in all seriousness, is “Why do you feel cheated that you can’t hang an effigy of Obama in your front yard?”

Do you know what kinds of people hang Sarah Palin in effigy?  Sick fucks.

Do you feel cheated out of being a sick fuck?  You’re sitting around upset that you don’t feel comfortable being publicly evil?  You’re mad that you don’t feel safe letting your neighbors know how little regard you have for how it might affect people to see an effigy of a black man swinging from a tree in Tennessee?

I don’t get it.

Why would you want to feel okay about doing this?

That thing you feel–that tells you that it is not safe, that it would not be okay for you to do this?  That is your conscience.  It is trying to prevent you from doing something that is not good.  To get all Disney on you, Rob, please, let your conscience be your guide.

That guy in California, who thinks it’s funny to hang an effigy of a woman from the front of his house?  He’s a sick fuck.  Most folks on our side of the aisle are not cheering and laughing it up at the sight of Palin hanging from a noose.  In fact, I think most of us are grossed out.

Folks in his community think what he’s done is so vile that they’re standing on the sidewalk out front of his house with large sheets blocking the view.

Why?  Because decent people don’t look at something like that and think “Oh, god, I’m so outraged that I couldn’t do that,” they think “Oh, god, what sick fucks.”

Be decent, Huddleston.

5 thoughts on “But Why Would You Want To?

  1. Ah, Let me make his day. Some patriots hung a lifesize barack effigy at the University of kentucky today. I promise to check my outrage about it if it will make him feel better.

  2. What gets me: the image of hanging a white person and the image of hanging an African-American *are* different. They send different messages. Period. Both might be offensive, but the latter *is* exponentially more so.

    Is this guy *actually* so stupid that he doesn’t understand this, or is he just a pathetic, sick douchenozzle who’s perfectly willing to overlook the readily obvious if it helps him feel like the Big Bad Liberals are oppressing him?

    I’m assuming the latter, but if he really is just mentally challenged I’ll feel bad for making fun of him.

  3. Don’t forget, people, that conservative debating is a little bit like the NASCAR Cup thingie: you don’t necessarily have to ‘win’ (i.e. be right or even make sense) every contest, but it helps your cause to score as many (cheap, nonsensical, and often contradictory) points as possible.

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