If Dogs Could Blog…

This dog snoring here next to me would tell you how she spent the morning tied to a tree while the Butcher layered five hammocks on top of each other and napped in the top-most one and how she had to bark and bark and bark at me to get my attention about what an idiot he was being and how we left her to go to lunch, but came back to torture her by taking her through the carwash, which is apparently the worst thing you can do to a dog after, oh, taking her to the vet, which we also did.

America, I must report that they were very sweet to my dog. And she seemed happy to see everybody!  So, who knows what the fuck to make of that.  But it made for a much more enjoyable trip to the vet.  She got her stitches out and the nurse said she was, and I quote, “Very well-behaved” and the doctor says she has to wear her cone for the next week, just because he didn’t like some of the redness on her scar, but after that, we just have to keep her from running around like a wild animal until after Christmas.

And we can give her a bath!

So, exciting day for the dog all around.

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