I Hate Chicken

Okay, I’m just going to admit it.  We’re all supposed to switch from a beef to a chicken diet, and I can’t do it, because I find chicken revolting.

I don’t mind the taste of chicken.  I can eat chicken I prepare myself, when I can bring myself to prepare it, but the gristle and the weird crap and the skin and the chewy crap.

I’m trying not to throw up just telling you about it.

I can eat chicken if all that crap has been discovered and thrown in the garbage where it belongs, but if I’m eating my burrito and I come across something that is recognizeably chicken but unrecognizeably meat, I have to throw the rest of my burrito out.

It’s so gross.

7 thoughts on “I Hate Chicken

  1. Next time you see Kate O’, ask her about my terrible experience at a chicken slaughtering plant before that benefit I did a couple of weeks ago.

    It will be a long time before I eat chicken again. Just thinking about what I saw makes me want to vomit. I told her the story before the kd lang concert.


  2. I’m so glad you wrote this. It’s one of those things I don’t say out loud often because people look at me weird when I do (though not as weird as when I say I really don’t like chocolate). But I’m the same way, I just don’t care for chicken. Never have all that much. Don’t want it, usually, unless I or someone I am well familiar with their cooking cooked it.

    I ate my dad’s fried & BBQ’d chicken growing up and my grandmother’s. If my mother cooked chicken, fine. I’ve cooked a chicken breast or two myself. I will eat KFC Original Recipe sometimes – not often.

    But given the choice between beef, pork, chicken & fish (and I don’t even like most fish that much), I’m not going to choose the chicken.

    Boyfriend is the same way and he will generally NOT eat it unless he saw you cook it. He’s got a pretty good excuse though, he and his mom both wound up in the hospital with food poisoning after eating chicken pot pies when he was a little kid.

    What rare occasion I eat chicken, god forbid I bite into it and see any pink. OMG kill me now.

  3. I will eat KFC Original Recipe sometimes – not often.

    You just shot your whole argument…

    Chicken is something you want to cook right. But all meat carries risk…especially these days, when regulation is lax. If you eat hamburger, you have way more at risk.

  4. I’m the same way. Not a chicken fan. It’s gross (except for Prince’s Hot Chicken.)

    I have to have a couple beers before I can deal with the turkey carcass to get it ready for soup-making, after Thanksgiving, LOL.

  5. I am a meat person i can go mabie 2 days without it but omg i eat 8-16 ounce steak every day medium rare yum! But I cant stand chicken it just doesnt taste right. Its really fatty and I hate how popular things uses chicken because its cheap… Like chicken pot pie, teriaki chicken bowl, chicken pizza or pepperoni (i also hate random ground meat if i dont know what it is i dont eat it) I can go on but bleh. I cant find many things with beef that taste good because beef is suposed to be “healthy” so they watter down the ingredients in most of the soups and microwavable food plates and make it taste disgusting but with chicken they add all of the ingredients they want but I just hate the chikcken!

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