Everyone who knows her says that Saraclark is some kind of minor agricultural goddess.  She’s due any minute to walk around our land, tell us what’s what, and what needs to be cut out, cut back, or whatever, and which plants are which and what we need to do to keep them healthy.  I’m also hoping she can give us some guidance about where to put our compost pile, since we’re still arguing over that.

When we were making plans, she was all, “I’ll just need to know which direction is north.”

I don’t know why, but that just tickled the shit out of me, like of course I’m in good hands.  I’ve got an advisor who can tell me all I need to know by looking at my yard and knowing which way is north.

For the record, our lot sits on an angle, so north is the back corner opposite the greenhouse.

Edited to Add: I have a giant pear tree!  It is so tall we could not, even when tilting our heads back, see if we have a partridge in it.  But there was a pear on it, which Saraclark picked and handed to me.  I want to eat it, but I want to take a picture of it, first.

Also, she agreed with me about where my herb garden should go and found some asparagus!

And she brought me peonies and irises from Andrew Jackson’s house!

And she also wondered about all the metal poles randomly stuck in the ground around the house!