Because I Want to Do Bad Things to You, I’m Again Liveblogging True Blood

Ha, you know you love it.

–Exploding would-be murderers.  I hate when that happens.

–Poor Sookie has had to do so much cleaning up in this show.

–Oh, blond guy, you are so cute.

–Oh, Jason, “any woman with a purse that big has got to have something in it I don’t wanna know about.”  True enough.

–No, Jason!  No, don’t do it.  Listen to the vampire!

Or not.  Dumbass.

–I dislike the characterization of Tara, sometimes, but the actor is extraordinary.  This scene is corny as hell, but her performance is really moving.

–Oh, yuck.  How do they redeem Jason from this crap?

I hope the vampire eats them both.

–Oh, Dead Confederate.  You talk a good game.

–And Sookie, you are a doofus.

–Is it just me, or does the Dead Confederate look particularly dead, lately

–Is there any time you can lay out in Louisiana, making out with your psycho vampire serial killer girlfriend, without being eaten alive by mosquitos?

That must be the most unrealistic thing I’ve seen on this show.

–Sometimes I feel very bad for Sam, when he’s not being crazy and stalky and such.

–The Jason at the tree scene was perhaps the best scene in the whole series, just in terms of a lot of stuff going on there without a lot being said.

–Damn it, Sam.  You are a sweetie, well, today, anyway.

–“We might kill you.  Have a good night.”  Oh, blond vampire.  You are so cute.

–Can we get the actor who plays Tara her own show right now?  She’s just too good for this.

–Sookie, I think anybody who sees that you are not at home is going to know you’re at Bill’s.  But that’s just me, using my brain.

–OKay, if you didn’t see the end coming, I just don’t even know if I can talk to you.  But it was still funny.

Only three episodes left?  Then why did they waste all this time with this episode of exposition?  I have to admit, I’m getting sucked in (ha, sucked, vampires, whelll that was not so funny once I typed it).  There were three especially nicely done things in this episode–one, Tara’s acting in the exorcist scene (see I told you it was week of exorcisms here at TCP!).  Her eyes really conveyed a lot, even as the dialog was a little hokey; two, the scene at the tree.  Did you not feel like you suddenly knew more about Rene and Jason in just a few little lines (with Rene’s whole talk about how he could have been killed and he’s got so many people now counting on him and Jason’s yelling about how only people who were on the football team with him could call him J) than you have all season?  I kind of felt like I was watching them go from two to three dimensions just like that; and three, the vampire tied to the chair.  I thought it was a bit expositiony, but I also thought his acting was great and the scene with Jason… well, I mean, finally here’s something with weight, a decision Jason will have to make.  He’s open to the humanity of this guy, seems to even kind of like him, and must kind of suspect that what he’s saying about Amy is true.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

8 thoughts on “Because I Want to Do Bad Things to You, I’m Again Liveblogging True Blood

  1. My daughter and I are laughing our heads off reading your running commentary. And I agree … Oh blond vampire, you are as sexy as Sayid on Lost.

  2. Only 3 more episodes this season.
    I want Amy to go away.
    I think this was the worst episode so far.

  3. There was a whole lot of talking, that’s for sure. And knowing there’s only three more episodes left made all the talking a little annoying. I was like “Get on with stuff!!!”

    I now hope the kidnapped vampire gets to kill Amy and turn Jason.

  4. Here’s what I’m thinking about. First, I got the book and read it, so I know how theoretically it all turns out and I still don’t see how it could possibly be the murderer in the book.

    And Tara’s not even IN the book which makes the character even more random, but I do like what they’re doing with her, and I think she’s a very, very fine actor. I would like to see her in more stuff.

    I watched a couple of things HBO had on On Demand about the show, and I finally realized why the accents were such a problem- the actor who plays Bill is British, the actor who plays Jason is Australian and Anna Paquin is from New Zealand. That explains a lot to me about why the accents are just so not-Northern-Louisiana.

    I liked this week’s episode alright, but it just didn’t seem like there was all that much *happening*, which I get, not every episode has to be totally action packed, but I wish they would have spent a little more time on Sookie’s cat.

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