Daffodils in the Dark

It took me a while to get going this morning, even though I only had three drinks last night.  I intended to get stuff done around the innards of the house, but it was so beautiful out.

Did I tell you that Saraclark brought me peonies and irises from Andrew Jackson’s house?  And she also brought me some other kind of iris which has some magical properties I forgot about.  So, I planted all those.  Then I got this wild hair up my butt to plant the daffodils.  So I began to dig a series of trenches along the ditch in my front yard.

And it was hot.

And I am a giant weak baby.

So, I went and fell down on the ground next to the dog under what might indeed be a tulip tree.  And then I dug some more.  And then I went to Home Depot with the Professor.  And then we went to Dairy Queen.  And then we discussed men who claim to understand the meaning of “Be Aggressive, B E Aggressive.  B E A G G R E S S I V E in bed, thank you very much” and instead turn out to be all hinting around and waiting for you to make moves one through 25, which is, gentlemen, quite the opposite of aggressive.

And then I came home and dug some more.  And some more.  And some more.  And it started to get dark, so I thought, well, I’d better get some bulbs in the ground.  So, I planted and planted, etc.

And then, because I am a giant baby, my body was like “Um, yes, we’re done now.”  And I was like, “But we only have fifteen more bulbs!” and my body was like “I can’t hear you, I’m on the couch, and not even a team of exorcists can move me.” and then I was like “But we forgot to unhook and roll back up the hose!” and so I went outside and tried to get the hose off the spigot, but I couldn’t get it, because my arms are just too tired.

And that is the story of my day.  I wish I would have looked in the daylight to see if there was another low hanging pear because I could eat the hell out of a pear right about now.

I ate the other one yesterday and it was so good.  I think it was Grandfille who was talking about how eating stuff grown on your land literally makes the land a part of you and I think of that often, when I’m out there walking around in the yard, how I can grow things on this land and ingest them and compost the stuff I sweep up off the floor, which is a lot of hair and nail clippings and skin and stuff that is me, and that will become dirt to nurture the things I will eat and then Mrs. Wigglebottom sang “Hakuna Matata” and all was well.

2 thoughts on “Daffodils in the Dark

  1. I love pears, but I’ve recently discovered that I’m also in love with Fuji apples and red grapes.

    I need you to come to my house when you get all muscular and buff from this endless exercise cycle caused by dirt ownership so that you can plant some tulip bulbs for me. K?

  2. Oh I’m sorry I made you work so hard, but you will be very matata (happy) next spring.
    Trees that give you food are an immense miracle. As you have discovered with your pear tree, but will come to sigh over more and more–you don’t do anything, and yet there are pears. It’s much more amazing even than a veg garden, because you don’t have to plant it first and yet it’s a yearly thrill. I want an entire edible yard: apples, cherries, pears, peaches, the small fruits, asparagus, and hazelnuts, which are native to this part of Ill-annoy. Do pecans grow in Tennessee? Because that’s a tree I’d steal for/from.
    And the beautiful yellow teacups that the tulip tree will bring in May. They, too, will thrill you.
    Up here in your old college stompin’ grounds autumn is at full color. Today I saw a burning bush burning right in front of a orange tree right in front of a yellow one. Three heights, three colors lit by the sun. Amazing.

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