The Exorcism on Paranormal State

I didn’t mean to get sucked into four days of exorcisms, but it seems that the trend in paranormal tv has gone from psychic detectives to ghost hunters to celebrity ghost hunters to exorcists to, I suppose, in a way, celebrity exorcists.

Ha, on a side note, they should totally have a show where Gary Busey is supposed to have an exorcism, but for some reason thinks he is the exorcist.  That would be some “Celebrity Rehab” shit I would watch.

Anyway, so last night I caught the tail end of the Paranormal State exorcism, which was just as disastrous as any other episode of Paranormal State that I have caught.  The basic premise, as you might guess, is that they go to investigate what is supposed to be a haunted house only to discover that the sickly girl in the house is possessed by the demon “Six,” who you don’t know, of course, but I’m sure you’re familiar with the heavy metal stylings of his son’s bass playing for such bands as Motley Crue.

Sadly, apparently Sixx is not using his wealth and connections to local tattoo artists to find a friendly place for his dad to crash, and so his dad is forced to live with these Christians, in the body of their daughter.

I was hoping we might get into that father/son dynamic, but of course, stupid ole Paranormal State did not even mention it, and so I’m left to bring you that exciting tidbit.

You may wonder–why is she digressing into some convoluted story about Nikki Sixx and the demon Six?  Because, my friends, it’s much more interesting than the actual show.

It proceded much like all the tv exorcisms I’ve seen procede, where they bring in a loner religious dude who is pointedly not Catholic (though he may speak Latin sometimes, as if demons are captivated and swayed by Latin.  Though, you know, perhaps they are.  I imagine that, since no one has heard Latin spoken in years, I mean, thousands of years, other than in the Church, that the demons are probably like “What the hell is he saying?  God damn, I cannot understand him through that thick accent.  Much like, I’d suppose, if an 18th century Scottish dude suddenly found himself watching The Real World.) and he walks through the house and talks about how he feels the demon doing things to him or taunting him or whatever.  And then some folks hold the possessed down and the demon is ordered out, repeatedly, and crosses are pressed onto the possessed, and more ordering is done and everyone looks nervous and then there is some kind of, dare I say, almost orgasmic yelling, and the demon is gone.

And everyone looks very spent and grateful.

So, yes, much like sex.

I have a couple of thoughts.  One is that, though the Catholic Church has made many missteps over the past century, I admire their refusal to participate with these kinds of things.  Second, why do these things only seem to take a few hours?  Surgery takes longer than some of these exorcisms and these folks are supposed to be separating a demon from a soul.  I’d think that would be hard, long, delicate work.

Are demons getting wimpier?  Soft in their old age?  So caught up in the novelty of being on tv that they let their guards down?  Is there a special class of stupid demon in the entertainment division?

Here’s what I would expect to see in an exorcism.

1.  torment of the possessed (which most tv exorcisms do do a good job of showing us).

2.  Demonic power.  Not just “It took three of us to hold her down” strength but things dropping off walls, furniture shaking, some full on poltergeist activity.

3.  Temptation of the folks doing the exorcisms.  I would think that demons would be excellent theologians.  Why is there no effort by the demons to argue their case?  And not in the “Oh, I have a job to do, why won’t you let me do my job?” way of “The Real Exorcist” but ask, say, the Real Exorcist “If you believe that God has seen fit to let this family be cursed for generations, are you not geting in the way of God’s will by trying to change that?”

One of the advantages that demons have during an exorcism is that they don’t get tired.  As the exorcist and people helping do get tired, though, their defenses go down and the demon’s opportunity for confusing them or tempting them away from their task grows.  I mean, we don’t even see the rookie “If this child is so important to God, why didn’t He stop me from taking her?” move.

4.  Knowing secrets/knowing more than the person being exorcised.  I was reading up on the dude from The Real Exorcist and apparently he has a couple of nice houses, fancy cars, and some rumors following him around that he cheated on his first wife.  And yet no demon has ever thought to ask him about that?

The point of an exorcism is that you are trying to move the demon out of the body and the demon is supposed to be doing everything it can to stay in the body–that includes attacking you, the exorcist, and doing what it can to sow doubts in your mind and the minds of the people helping you about whether the task can be accomplished.

I am not a demon, at least, not that I’m aware, and yet, if the folks from Paranormal State just wanted to get me off the couch through prayer and cross-waving, I think I could come up with some pointed questions, like, if y’all are so Christian, why are you working with a psychic?  Main kid, you do know that no one on the show except the psychic guy even likes you, right?  And that the Amityville Horror is now proven, beyond a doubt, to have been faked, with help from your friends, the Warrens?  Psychic guy, you know main kid doesn’t like you, right?  How are you going to talk to me about getting my house in order when you don’t have yours?

And, like that, I’ve got them squabbling amongst themselves and I’m still on the couch.

Shoot, if I had access to another person’s knowledge about the inner workings of their family and all my knowledge about the inner workings of the exorcism team?  And if I had all the time in the world?

But, instead, the demons are all so easily pushed around.  They’re on the team that doesn’t fight fair and they barely even fight.  You’d think that any exorcist worth his salt would be suspicious of that–“Wow, it only took me a few hours to get rid of that guy, and he never once even bothered to mention that I cheat on my taxes.  Wait, why did he never bother to mention that?  Was that way too easy?”–and yet, they never are.

They just proudly walk off into the sunset, on to the next person in need of saving.


43 thoughts on “The Exorcism on Paranormal State

  1. That was great!!! I have to say I felt really uncomfortable watching the “exorcism”. Not because of the good vs.evil stance, but how bad the acting was. I also find it curious that the investigative team always finds places haunted. The main kid yells at the ghost, sprinkles some holy water around, perhaps burns some sage and BAM! The Ghost is gone! I bet the homeowner’s are all thinking “Now why didn’t I think of that!”

    I had more fun back in the day when I didn’t come up with a rational explanation for everything they deem paranormal. I wish I still had those rose colored glasses on. It would make watching crap like this much more exciting. Now it’s just stupid.

  2. Paranormal State is a really great comedy show!!!
    how dare you mock such brilliant acting and such great pre-written lines!!!

    *sarcasm obviously*

    oh this show makes me laugh

  3. I got sucked into Paranormal State today. It’s on during the day for some reason. I did a Google of Paranormal State and thus stumbled across your blog.

    Bravo. Bravo I say. You have inspired me.

  4. LOL! The exorcism episode absolutely RUINED the show for me.

    “I am six.”

    More like “SICK.” I am sick (of them allowing paraniod scizzies this much air time).

    As I type this, the host of Paranoid State is wearing a sleeping mask rigged with wires, and a vampire lady is grabbing his leg.

    I guess it’s time to go stack lots of random shit in the corner, and call them to get my “poltergeist” on TV.

    The funny part? My old condo REALLY was haunted, and I never thought to call a “pro.” Oh well.


  5. Funniest. Post. EVER.

    I remember this episode–my first thought was, “What kind of a name is Six? Six isn’t a legion, it’s half a box of donuts!”

    Though I liked your Nikki Sixx comparison better. I think it fits much better.

    I dislike Chip Coffey in the extreme–I don’t know if he’s for real or not, but he comes off like a complete douchebag.

  6. Of all the paranormal shows I have watched and I have seen them all this is the only one that seems real to me. Thank God for someone like Ryan who is in this to sincerely help people and not just get famous.

  7. My, my, aren’t we clever. In your rush to be “intellectual” and “scientific” you neglected to pay any attention to the show.. First the priest performing the exorcism is indeed a Catholic Priest, they state this on air quite clearly. Second you can’t really believe that they can show everything that happens during a multiple day in one short tv episode? Talk about gullible. The investigations often take days, and exorcisms can last any length time from minutes to days. Third being Catholic (which it sounds like you aren’t), I’m surprised to hear that the Church doesn’t participate in exorcisms. I must have missed that memo.
    If you want to disbelieve, that’s fine, but at least get your facts right.

  8. Oh yes the Catholic church does exorcisms. There was a death just a few years back in my county that occurred during an exorcism…the priest went to jail.

  9. Thank god someone on here has a brain! UncleG is right, they take the most important info and air that. You can’t have it on for hours so we get what we need. Apparently you have never had any kind of paranormal experiences. So until you have, don’t talk about things that you have no knowledge about.

  10. Or perhaps it’s because i have had paranormal experiences that I can spot ridiculousness when I see it.

    And this is some ridiculous stuff. The Warrens were revealed as giant faker hoaxes ages ago. If you see Mrs. Warren show up anywhere and get treated with any ounce of respect, the people who are showing her respect are either fools or–more likely–fakers themselves.

    Sorry to break it to you.

  11. I like to check out paranormal shows, but I am sad and disturbed to see these young people spending so much time doing this stuff. There is such a strange mush of Catholicism and pop culture, it makes me uncomfortable. Most worrying of all is that (I believe) the young woman in the “six” episode is mentally ill, and all this validation and attention have made it impossible for her to let go of it. She may never come to the real world, even with therapy. This has ruined her family’s life. The group had a hell of a nerve going into their home and taking over their emotional lives. The producers of the show have been irresponsible. Too bad the family probably signed a waiver; otherwise they could sue for all their distress.

  12. Tsk, tsk! A whole bunch of people who are unversed in the word of God (notice its a capitol G when refrencing your creator). Let me put your mind at ease on a few questions, based on my 35 years of study (not on whether I believe in the abilities or intentions of the cast of PNS). First, if you believe their is a God, then you would be wise to read the “how to live for dummies” guide he gives to us “sheep”.
    You got it, compared to him, we are dumb as sheep and that easily led astray. So, let me steer you back to flock, since your going the wrong way.
    If there is a God, then based on his word, there is a fallen archangel called Satan. He is named, as well as his son Beuzelbub, and Baal, in the Bible. Why?… Because, God made Earth and made us, then to add injury to insult God made us Lord over Earth, So, when the angels were not over us, but ordered to bow to us, Satan didn’t take it very well. He wouldn’t bow, so he was expelled. You make the first mistake with what you assume demons can or can’t do. They only have power if you give them power. Whether that it out of ignorance of the word of God, or willing participant.
    Second, you mistake the power and mercy of God’s love for us. For those who think you are going to heaven because you are a good person, guess what, WRONG! We have follow Christ’s example by excepting him, proclaiming him to each other, and realizing he was the only human to ever NOT SIN! Therefore, why would a demon point out you have sinned, if its common knowledge that we all have, and when God forgives, its a done deal?
    Third and final, God addressed the problem of demons listening to prayers they shouldn’t be, by giving the gift of tongues. This allows you a secret language between you and your creator that is “hack free, so to speak”. Therefore, if you put on the full armor of God with knowledge and understanding you A. need not worry about whether or not you might or might not be possesed, you would knooooww. B. You need not worry about casting out demons because you would knoowww what you are doing. and C. correcting you is showing you love and concern for your soul, not judging. Please feel to reference everything I’ve said as truth straight out of The Holy Bible. In this day and age, you are playing rusian roulette with your soul everyday that you are not saved, and study the word to align with God’s will. Oh and by the way, Jeremiah 29:11, KNOW that I have PLANS for you, PLANS to prosper you, and not to harm you. It has never been God’s will that we suffer. We suffer because we are foolish. Plain and simple.

  13. All right, Shelly. Prove it. Where in the Bible is Satan called Satan? What Bible verse recounts Satan refusing to bow down to humans and thus getting cast out of heaven? Or are you one of those people who’s getting The Divine Comedy with The Bible?

  14. Sounds like she’s getting the Bible mixed with Paradise Lost. Less thumping, more reading.

  15. B, there is a deceiver (shaitan) in Job. He’s not an archangel (of which there are zero in Jewish scripture, I wouldn’t swear about Christian, but these hierarchies developed in later oral traditions; Bridgett is quite right about Milton’s influence on Shelly), he has no known kin, but if you want a reference to Satan it is there. Of course, if you want a reference to Krishna, that’s there too, in Esther. Does that prove that we should become Hindus?

  16. Not to endorse Shelly’s comments, but 1st Chronicles 21 and Zachariah 3:1-2 contain some of the earliest direct references to Satan in the Bible, along with just about all of Job. Revelations 12:7-9 is another, plus adds some history:

    7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
    8 and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
    9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

    Jesus himself called him Satan several times, and Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 get into the whys and wherefores of Lucifer’s sin and downfall, but the prophets also were addressing vain kings there, too. (I was always taught that his downfall was his pride and his desire to be as the Most High, not necessarily that he refused to bow down before humans.)

    I still find it hard to read Job, because I have difficulty reconciling a loving God with the one who essentially said, “Oh yeah? I’ll take that bet.”

    All of that said, I also find it difficult to take seriously anyone who begins a comment with “Tsk, tsk” after she’s clearly not read B’s post thoroughly.

  17. We have follow Christ’s example by excepting him,

    I usually don’t make fun of people’s typos or wrong use of homonyms, but this one really did make me laugh out loud (literally).

    Who’d of thought I’d ever hear a bible-thumper demanding that we except christ.

  18. Get your facts right blog writer… the Catholic church DOES in fact participate in many, many exorcisms…They acknowledge a lot more than they say..kind of like the US government. According to the Catholic Church, what they deem as demonic possession has also been increasing in the past 30 years. Probably due to the increase of human dissconnect via technology. And you speak as if you KNOW the Warrens, do you?? I doubt it.

  19. Grandfille, isn’t the passage in Revelations prophetic rather than historical? I don’t think it purports to tell readers why/how things happened at the cosmic level, but rather to provide an allegorical description of the eternality of the struggle between evil and good.

    I think the issue of translation is a problem here. “Deceivers” are different from archangels gone bad, as nm points out. Translators — whether of the Geneva Bible (which was somewhat anti-monarchical, coming together when Dutch Protestants were breaking away from Spain’s control), the KJV (commissioned by King James to expunge the anti-monarchical language and not so popular, really, with Cromwell and his followers later in the century), and modern-day reworkers of sacred texts bring their own linguistic/cultural/political assumptions to the table. Any post-Milton, post-Dante translation or reading is going to be inflected with the image of a literary Satan.

  20. It’s kind of cracking me up how unclosely people read before they spout off. Yes, it’s true that the Catholic church does perform exorcisms, but, like any centuries’ old bureaucracy, they have protocols they have to follow and investigations that have to be made. It is true that all priests are capable of doing exorcisms (the wording of the Catholic baptism makes it an exorcism of sorts) and that some will do a “small” exorcism on their own. But for a bid-deal demon-verified exorcism? They’ve got to get permission on up the food-chain. And no one working on this show has gotten the Catholic church to give them that.

    The dude they have with them is an Episcopal priest.

    NM, in my head there’s a difference between being “a deceiver ” or “an adversary” and THE Deceiver. Like the difference between being a prince and being Prince. So, I’m prepared to argue that, though we know that the being in Job was a shaitan, I think it’s still open for debate about whether it was the big head-honcho of Hell (after all “Hell” is a latter addition as well). When Jesus says “Get thee behind me, Satan,” he doesn’t mean that Peter is literally the ruler of Hell, but that, as Jesus says, he is focusing on the things of man, not the things of God AND that his efforts to distract Jesus to think of those things is a form of Great Deception.

    Which, I guess means that I’m arguing the same thing as Bridgett but from a different direction.

    Also, for the sake of appropriate humbleness, I will admit that, in my head, I can never keep The Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost straight. To me, they are all the same thing, even though I know better.

  21. PL is the one where Satan’s the awesome interesting character. DC is the one where Heaven’s a theme park and Hell’s a parking deck.

  22. Thanks, bridgett; you’re right. I should have been more precise and used “details” instead of “history.”

    If I start stumbling into translations and who called whom archangels when and all the delineations of the heavenly host, some scholar like yourself will come in and easily (and justifiably) smack me right into next month, so I dare not go that way. I have long wanted to learn Aramaic and see for myself what was truly written, but I’ve often wondered if I’d be able to separate the real word from what I’ve learned.

    There’s an article at that provides an interesting analysis of the origins of Satan’s fall. Looking at it, and the discussion that’s evolved in these comments on B’s original post, illustrates your point of literary influence, too.

  23. Hey, no need to apologize for stumbling around here at Tiny Cat Pants. Stumbling around is my life’s work!

    I think, though, too, that we’re hovering on the edge of something that’s a lot harder to talk about–in that, when you’re talking about religion, especially one with any kind of revelatory or mystic traditions–there’s going to be a body of knowledge that we come to from means other than just reading the Bible.

    It’s an interesting problem. God tells Noah to build an ark and no one doubts it because it’s in the Bible. God tells Grandefille to pray every night for 40 nights to receive healing and 50-90% of folks think that seems reasonable. God tells Grandefille to start a new religion and now Grandfille is crazy.

    I don’t know. It seems to me that, when you’re talking about religious practices like exorcisms, you have to have enough room for skepticism and faith in order to not get taken either way.

  24. PS:

    The dude they have with them is an Episcopal priest.

    Ha. One of my favorite people in the world is an Episcopal priest, and I don’t doubt that he could wrestle (verbally and physically) any demon who thinks it’s big enough to fight him. He’d probably win, too.

    He wouldn’t be showboating on TV, though; that wouldn’t bring anyone to the faith, and he’s not one to present himself as anything other than the messenger. If these “possessed” folks had sought his kind of spiritual help, they’d see him sitting next to them in the ambulance, praying with and comforting them, as they go to a good hospital and get the help they need.

  25. B, you are completely correct about the role of Shaitan in Job. It’s just that you asked “where is Satan called Satan,” and that’s where. If you mean “where is the big head-honcho of Hell” called ‘Satan’,” then the answer is “nowhere in Jewish scripture, and whaddaya mean by ‘Hell’ anyway?” But I figured that you knew that, and were asking for concrete references to anyone by that name. You know, the way someone might ask “where in Jewish scripture is Krishna mentioned?” without suggesting that Jewish scripture is commenting on Hinduism.

  26. The interesting thing I have found which occurs within these shows is the fact that they burn sage. Can burning sage take the place of faith ? or spiritual empowerment or astral warfare?In my opinion the focus of the demons is not the ones they can have .They want to use them to hurt the people they cannot have . Do people not read the paper or watch the news?How many tragedies are impressed upon our consciousness daily by the liquid crystals or glass tube televisions? T he amount of possessions are growing and so are the mental dilemmas associated with the unchecked soul. These shows are broadcast for a reason ,to educate the unknowing victims. Seems some people under evaluate the value of a attention getter!!

  27. Well I think it’s real, I believe it. Not going to force anyone else too but keep in mind that these episodes are either 21 or 42 minutes long depending on if it’s a half hour or hour block of time, somewhere around that. You can’t expect to get every single detail of every single second in that timeframe so like another poster said, they’re going to air the most pertinent things.

    None of y’all have to believe it, but I don’t think it’s right to judge someone either way because of what they believe. I won’t judge anyone that spends a lot of their time trying to debunk PRS, that’s their right. I do have to wonder why they’re so earnest in trying to debunk them though, what’s the point? Live and let live is what I say.

    I think PRS is doing a lot of good for a lot of people and for those that believe and how that’s a bad thing I’ll never know. But to each their own. I’m going to keep on believing and wish you all a good day.

    I will say one final thing, I’ve never been overly religious but one thing I have gotten out of watching the show is the beginning of a desire to find a way to believe again.

  28. Your blog was EXTREMELY well written! All with a touch of wit, humor and sarcasm.

    Actually it’s My opinion. That this family fabricated the entire thing. SIX is actually the name used by the possessed woman Emily Rose, based on a true story, and put into a movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. When asked for their name in this movie, they replied “Six, we are legion”

    The parents were WAY too cool about the whole thing. I tell you, if my daughter were possessed by demons. I don’t think my demeanor would be so calm. And in the second episode, the mother “claims” her daughter was hanging in mid air, upside down. Supposedly being held by her ankles.

    No questions asked to that!? No proof. No photo shot. Sheesh, at least pick up the camera and catch it on film.

    I wouldn’t doubt the family set up the whole thing, in hopes that some movie guy will come along and want to make a film of their ordeal. JMO

  29. Demonic possession is a lot more complicated than many people including religious people give it credit for being. Exorcism from a demon is a long healing process like healing from a surgery or a long debilitating illness.
    I do believe these supernatural cases featured on this how are real; however, I do not think everything can be explained sufficiently enough in 30 to 40 minutes. and i have a big question regarding the girl who was supposedly receiving the exorcism. Why were these evil spirits targeting her? We got an explanation at the other home, a person had practiced witchcraft in the home before the other family moved in. Why did such powerful demons bother this girl? Did someone perform black magic against her or what.? he explanation about the water just wasn’t sufficient for me. There would have to be a more in depth explantion other than the Mississippi River.

  30. PLEASE, people, get a GRIP! This is the funniest show on tv in 25 years. I love it when Ryan is yelling at the “Beast”. Insults always worked for me. They never find anything and no one ever sees anything. I think that they spend tooooooooooo much time together and are crazy because of it. Come on Ryan, bring it on…but, let us see something substantial!! Get your mouth away from the recorder and quit taking yourself so seriously…you are scaring yourself!!!!

  31. Everyone has their own opinions on what they beleive in, until you have had things happen to you, you really don’t know what its like. Myself, I’v had my hair pulled, talked to,seen shadows move, seen things move, and sometime have dreams that come true. I’v always felt that I was given a gift and am not sure what to do with it. A couple of weeks ago I had a fog follow me from one room to another. Just tonight I had my hair played with .

  32. I do beleive there is good and evil in the world and beyond, If you beleive in god, there is no reason why you shouldn’t beleive in demons. Myself, I try not to think on terms of evil because it scares the hell out of me. I do beleive anything that has a heart and bleeds can be possesed. I’v never actually seen a true exorcism but if the church or any pure soul can help someone that is possesed, all I can say is THANK GOD.

  33. Excellent blog! The PRS is bunk, hooey, woooooo woooooo…. as is religion in general. Let the myth go the the way of myths people.

  34. First, I think Chip Coffey is probably the real thing. He is totally believable and never calls attention to himself. He only states the way a situation seems to him at the time. I am also extremely disappointed in bringing in Mrs. Warren. It has been proven she is fake. What I like about the show is the way they try to help the people involved live with their experiences. Wether or not the show is fake, the people experiencing these things need help.

  35. So, I am always reminded of an old movie that starred the late George Burns called OH GOD. In the course of the movie George in the role of god blithely states ” I find it so interesting that people all over the world are having a crisis of faith and losing their belief in god, in all of the miraculous wonder of a simple sunrise theory faith id still lost. But have an eleven year old girl spit up some pea soup and say a few bad words and everyone is sure that the devil exists.”
    I think this statement speaks to the reality of the human condition today. Everyone wants to debunk anything that could possibly promote the idea of a god,yet it is almost never that someone tries to refute the presence of evil. I am no theological dynamo , nor do I have any stringent beliefs one way or another , no axe to grind, I am just saying that we as a condition of being human tend to ne unfair in how we judge the fruits of all the different trees we see everyday .

  36. So, I am always reminded of an old movie that starred the late George Burns called OH GOD. In the course of the movie George in the role of god blithely states ” I find it so interesting that people all over the world are having a crisis of faith and losing their belief in god, in all of the miraculous wonder of a simple sunrise their faith is still lost. But have an eleven year old girl spit up some pea soup and say a few bad words and everyone is sure that the devil exists.”
    I think this statement speaks to the reality of the human condition today. Everyone wants to debunk anything that could possibly promote the idea of a god,yet it is almost never that someone tries to refute the presence of evil. I am no theological dynamo , nor do I have any stringent beliefs one way or another , no axe to grind, I am just saying that we as a condition of being human tend to ne unfair in how we judge the fruits of all the different trees we see everyday .

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