Who Woke Up Early and Finished Planting Her Daffodils?

I did!  I did!

Who still could not get the hose off the motherfucking house?


Which is funny because I put it on.  How can I be stronger than myself?  And now I’m all feeling anxious about it because the recalcitrant brother is like “the kind of pipes you have, you must never, ever leave the hose hooked up to them, and especially if there’s any chance of it freezing.”  But what can I do?  I am stronger than myself.

I have to remember to have the Butcher unhook it when he gets home.  He’s over dogsitting for our friends who have a labradoodle, well, supposedly they have a labradoodle.  It seems strange that someone would lie about giving you a labradoodle, right?  I mean, we cannot possibly be to the point where people are passing off perfectly good labs as labradoodles.  But I swear, we’ve been watching that puppy grow since the moment they brought him home and the Professor remarked on it yesterday and I’m convinced–there’s just not yet any sign of poodle in him, I don’t think.  He just looks like a big black lab puppy.

I’m anxious about going to Charleston.  It’s just my usual pre-travel nerves, but I swear, if I travelled more often, this place would be in great shape, because whew, did planting a bunch of stuff help to take my mind off it.

Also, I discovered this morning that there’s the front ditch, the brick wall lining the side of the front ditch, some beautiful dark rich smell-good unrocky dirt for about six inches, and then my yard appears to be lined with boulders just under the surface of the grass.  So, I couldn’t plant as far into the yard with daffodils as I might have liked because I couldn’t dig through the rock.  So, I ended up having to put the last of the daffodils in the front bed here, which I think will be quite nice.  And, frankly, much easier to plant in.  It took me ten minutes to plant five bulbs in the front yard and ten minutes to plant fifteen bulbs in the front bed.

Anyway, I am excited.

2 thoughts on “Who Woke Up Early and Finished Planting Her Daffodils?

  1. Good for you. One thing folks may have told you that when you buy a new yard, and house too, that you might want to go one calendar year before you do too much planting so you can see what will come up next spring. (That’s a sentence for an English teacher to mark up!)

  2. Could there have been an old driveway there? I planted something a few feet away from my gravel driveway a few months ago, and was really glad it happened to be a shallow-rooted plant: underneath two or three inches of dirt was many, many inches of solid gravel. Guess the driveway used to be wider.

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