Think of Your Grandkids

Today, America, when you go to vote, I ask you to think of your grandkids.

Think of the arc of history bending towards justice and ask yourself, when they asked you how you voted in this election, if you want your answer to be “Hrumph, well, times were different back then” or if you want to say “Yeah, I was there.”

I’m especially looking at you, California.

4 thoughts on “Think of Your Grandkids

  1. You couldn’t blowtorch the smile off my face this morning. My quiet little precinct was a-swarm with new voters registering. Usually the long lines are for the pre-registered who’ve voted there before, but today those lines were dwarfed by eager new voters queuing up to register.

    It was fantastic.

  2. California blew it. Bastards. I tried, but the Mormon money and all the happy little yellow signs defeated us. But then Obama said “gay and straight” in his speech last night, and my hope surges again.

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