Next Time, Just Take Our Advice

Read Newscoma and Goldni.

Newscoma gets at something I’ve suspected–that Sasser (and I think Bredesen) have been busy imagining themselves as national players and thus forgotten to be advocates for Tennessee.  (I guess it really must bug to see Ford on MSNBC all the time and no one’s ringing their phones off the hook.)  I don’t know what Sasser’s angling for, but it’s pretty clear that Bredesen thinks he should be considered some adviser to the President on issues of the South.

But guess what, my fellow Tennessee Democrats?

The Obama folks KNOW HOW TO USE THE FUCKING INTERNET and so when someone googles “Bredesen Tennessee favorable opinions of” all these sites are going to come up from disgruntled liberals who think he is, at best, a doofus.

(Which also reminds me, Obama people, the closest Larry Summers should come to a cabinet position is being locked in one and removed every once in a while so that women scientists can beat him with sticks.  Don’t sell us out.)

And I’m with Goldni, don’t even dare talk about how you try to welcome young or different blood.  No you don’t.  You want those folks to show up, but you want them to shut up and work, not actually inject new ideas and new ways of doing things into the party.

There’s no Democrat in Tennessee who should have the audacity to angle for something on a national level.  You should, instead, be begging the national folks to come down here and help you figure out how to fucking run things here.