Guess What, Anonymous Commenter, Now It’s 2000

The Tennessee Democratic Party better start walking back their war on bloggers right about the fuck now because I’m more than happy to put my metaphorical dog in that fight.

So, dear readers of Tiny Cat Pants, all 1,250 to 2,000 folks a day, I invite you to watch how this anonymous Tennessee Democratic activist tries to take after GoldnI.

Yes, that’s right.  First they lose, then they blame Obama, and then they blame the bloggers, and now they’re making the attacks personal.  Way to go, Tennessee Democrats.  I hope for your sake that the first thing the Republicans do is loosen the restrictions on gun regulations so that you can just get a gun and literally shoot yourselves in the foot, because, right now, the only people in the state who are getting the word out about the Democrats and what we stand for and what we hope to accomplish are people like GoldnI.

You guys aren’t.  You don’t send press releases.  You don’t send emails.  You barely update your own blog.  And you’re going to patronize the shit out of the young people who have enthusiasm for Democratic ideals?


There’s enough mistrust between liberal bloggers and the TNDP right now so that, if that anonymous commenter doesn’t speak for you, I’d advise you say so to GoldnI and assure the rest of us that you’re not trying to start a war you have little way of winning (since you don’t get on the internet).

Also, I’m with Granju:

Second, let’s assume that the blogger really does only get 200 visitors each day to her site. That’s one hell of a lot of potential voters over the course of a campaign season. I know that when I have done political work – making calls or hitting the streets to shake hands and hand out literature on behalf of a candidate – getting 200 people each day to hear my message would have been considered a pretty great day.

Right now, you’d think the TNDP would be begging for 200 people a day to hear or read something positive about being a Tennessee Democrat.  And you’d think that anonymous Tennessee Democrats would realize that.

Edited to add: Yes, I’m still steaming.  This part–“Finally, party unity is most essential after a loss. I do not believe posts such as this, or attitudes reflective of the sort calling for Sasser’s ouster produce anything innovative or courageous.”–especially.  First of all, when was the last fucking time we saw anything innovative or courageous from the Tennessee Democrats?  Second

No, you know what, it’s obvious what a dick move this is.

And it does require action.

19 thoughts on “Guess What, Anonymous Commenter, Now It’s 2000

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  2. The best part about all of this is that for me, to get 200 hits in one day is a GREAT day. So considering that I don’t even have the base that a lot of other bloggers have, it does sort of perplex me that they’re going after me. Meh, whatever.

  3. AuntB, I’d like to see Democrats rebuild our party into something that wins elections.

    Read that again. “OUR” party.

    Democrats who stand in the way of progress are not leaders and do not represent the new Democratic party. YOU are the new Democratic party (ok, maybe not the AuntB that blogs about crocheted vaginas).

    You know what? The new Democratic party doesn’t have a website. Where is OUR party’s website? Where is OUR party’s blog? Where is OUR party’s voice? OUR party doesn’t have one. That’s right, and asking people standing in the way of progress to be the leaders they aren’t is a bridge to nowhere, and you’re walking your readers right across it to 2012 where you’ll have another fresh round of recriminations.

    The only place I see talk about how the TNDP isn’t doing this or that is on blogs, but I don’t even see those blogs doing exactly what they want to see the party doing. In fact, most progressive bloggers in TN can’t seem to post anything that isn’t riddled with obscenities, much less organize any effort to reach out to new voters. So far, Goldni is the only other one I’ve found that manages to speak like the leaders she wants to see in the world. There may be more, and it would be nice in the TNDP’s Donkey’s Mouth linked only to blogs like hers.

    Do we speak in the language of leadeship we want to see in the world? Does our language win elections? Or are we the problem, the infighting and the people who just talk about it?

    There is an opportunity for leadership in TN that wins elections and for a new Democratic party to emerge. Are you helping move the gravity of our party into the winning column? If you cannot demonstrate through your own actions what you want to see from your leaders, what good are you doing for OUR party and our country?

  4. Christian, I wrote about a year ago the TNDP site sucked balls. You are right, the party needs to come into the the new age of political campaigns which are inclusive of new media outlets.
    Howard Dean in 2004 and Barack Obama (Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee as well as other candidates) set records with online fundraising and even money bombs.
    I don’t think it’s infighting though. I think Goldni made a good point with her sports reference.
    If Gray can’t get it done, then find someone with the passion that can. We were so ignored here in Hoots and even the elected officials were angry.
    Constructive criticism is always good in enacting political change. If people don’t speak up, then it’s the same old, same old. Better to talk about it now instead of 2009 or 2011 when races go in high swing because if this two-year race is any indication, they there isn’t as much time for reconstruction of the party as one may think. Both Goldni and people in my area have tried to talk, off the record, regarding some issues in the party. The feedback was crickets.

    Just another perspective. :/

  5. The Party leaders in this part of Tn look to the State for leadership or at least guidance…and, sorry, but the people they send here are clueless as to how to talk to folks in rural areas. Yes, I’ll say it…dumb it the fuck down. That doesn’t mean mislead, it means make it a short, straight line from “heres where you are now” to “this is where the rest of the world is going.”

    And stop being afraid of the Black people.

  6. To anyone outside of the metro areas of TN, the people in this multi-day conversation are already the voice of the TNDP. The school bus has already run. I’d agree with Christian yesterday, up to the point where there was some sense that you had to somehow wait for permission or endorsement from your stuck-in-reverse Party Central. That just might not happen and so what if it don’t? I am not persuaded that the progressive part of the Democratic Party in TN is going to be well served waiting for that group of dunderheads to get it together. In fact, I’d hazard a guess and say that you’ve already got the collective talent to be the change you seek to make, but I wouldn’t hold my breath while the powers that be (who are clearly happier getting their asses handed to them than they would be sharing power) wise up

    To Sasser, I’d say “he who?” He’s so much a non-factor in the way that TN politics is thought about outside the state that I really couldn’t tell you until he started shooting his mouth off who he was. That’s bad when someone like me (who is both knowledgeable about Democratic politics nationally and actively seeking information from your state’s Democratic party) doesn’t know who the hell you are in an election year.

  7. B–Just between your readership and mine, the numbers are higher than the City Paper. Add in all the other liberal bloggers from one end of the state to the other, and I’m guessing we might have more readers (collectively) than the Tennessean.

    Many of us put up free ads, while the Tennessee candidates bought ads in the Tennessean and City Paper. Perhaps we should reconsider those free ads, since once again the little guy is doing the heavy lifting for little or no money, while the corporations, who could care less about Tuke or Cohen or any other Democrat getting elected, make a years salary off of what they pay the papers.

    Maybe we (bloggers) should unionize. That would make them, uh, un-constipated.

    Personally speaking, I’m done with allowing the Democratic Party to use me and then go after young women like Goldni who are working so hard for the party and Obama and get shit on.

  8. Christian, I would rather not fight with you again, about the same old shit we always fight about, but I see we’re going to have to.

    You have no credibility with me and it would make our conversations go a lot smoother if you remembered that.

    I still have not forgotten how you conducted yourself when you first got to town (and even later) and how you used things that are very near and dear to my heart, but that you could not give two shits about, in order to establish yourself as a voice. And I have also not forgotten how it’s only lately that you’ve started conducting yourself like a decent human being who cares about the ideas and opinions of others.

    A person in that position maybe shouldn’t lecture a person in my position about what’s obscene, because I’m pretty thoroughly convinced that the way you’ve conducted yourself in the past is completely obscene.

    So, maybe you, too, would like to walk back a little, so that we can have a reasonable conversation. Not only is it not your business the language I choose to use, you have no moral authority from which to judge me. So just stop it.

  9. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s deal with this idea that “we” should take over the Democratic party. I can only assume you misunderstand my goals in life, because running the Democratic party is not one of them.

    First of all, because I’m only a Democrat because I have no other farther left options to choose from who have even a ghost’s chance of getting elected. Second, I would make a lousy party Democrat and my presence in the party would be a bad fit for both of us and do neither of us any good. I mean, it’s almost quaint how Christian’s got the vapors over the cussing.

    I believe gay people should be able to get married, adopt kids, be foster parents, and be Scout leaders, especially if the Scouts want to use state facilities in the furtherance of their Scouting. I don’t give a shit what 2, 3, 4, 5 people do in the privacy of their own bedroom. I think a woman should be able to abort her pregnancy whenever she wants without interference from the State. I think she should be able to have as many kids as she wants without interference from the State. I think drugs should be legalized. I think prostitution should be legalized. I think it’s stupid that a person can’t get a lap dance in Nashville if he wants to waste his money that way. I’m not Christian. I resent folks trying to teach intelligent design because it’s clearly about giving a sub-section of Christian beliefs the authority of science. I’m for an income tax. I’m not that moved by the whining of rich people. I think we should just ignore illegal immigration, at the least, and provide a path for citizenship without recriminations to those who want it. I think women should be paid the same as men are. I think the State has a vested interest in looking into why the Belle Meade Kroger and the Charlotte Kroger don’t have the same quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. And I think everyone in the State should have healthcare.

    And I’m not ashamed of any of those beliefs and I’m not willing to keep them to myself or search for compromise or consensus with the Republicans about them.

    The Democrats should do what they do. Conservatives will try to pull them right and I will act as a counterbalance on the other side.

    I have no desire to make myself acceptable so that I can be the face of the Democrats. Fuck that nonsense.

  10. Any political party in this state (or country, for that matter) that doesn’t make an effort to barness the power of the Internet and the bloggers in its respective party is likely going to be on the losing side of any election from here on out.

    I’m guessing the idiot that posted that anonymous comment decided to take on Goldni, rather than, say, you or Newscoma, because perhaps they did their homework (but probably not) and discovered that Tiny Cat Pants and Newscoma are consistently, many days, on the top of the most read WordPress blogs in the ENTIRE WORLD.

    Another thing I find ridiculous (seen in the quote at Katie’s blog) was the comment that “Voters are most responsive through personal contact…” The “personal contact” of my telephone continually ringing off the wall with recorded messages from various contacts makes me immediately want to vote AGAINST whoever’s recorded voice is calling.

    Newspapers and magazines all over this country are folding or going to online-only because people DON’T read them anymore. People read EVERYTHING online.

    Including me. And I read blogs, and so do millions of other people. Candidates and parties who would make the effort to reach the bloggers would likely get my vote and a few million other people’s any day, and any party or representative that pooh-poohs bloggers and the ‘Net? Do the math.

    Anyone that thinks harnessing the power of bloggers and the Internet is a worthless effort is uneducated and blind. Get out of the ’80s and ’90s and wake up and come to 2008.

  11. Well, you know, that’s sort of what I meant. You’re actually where a goodly (not Godly) portion of the voting and active Democrats heads are at and the Party doesn’t seem to be willing or able to absorb that.

  12. I’m starting to feel like, though, that the most interesting thing that could happen to the Democrats is for the Republicans to be in charge for a while.

    Our state is massively in debt. They’ve pretty much promised not to raise taxes. Things are already lean and so, if they’re going to make cuts, it’s going to have to be to vital programs.

    This is their opportunity to show that TNGOP values will lead the state in the right direction. We’ll see how that goes.

    Plus, I’m interested to see if Campfield can actually get some legislation passed in this climate or if he’ll (have to be) marginalized by his own party.

  13. Then, my Dear, I’m afraid you guilty of exactly the kind of behavior Sasser was complaining about. If you are not willing to commit to moving the Party forward (and, as you said, its the only other viable Party) then what you are doing is standing on the sidelines taking potshots.

    Go ahead and be yourself. No need to make yourself palatable to republicans. Lord knows I don’t. Hell, I’m not palatable to Tennessee democrats, for that matter. But the Party needs new blood, needs to attract foot-soldiers, and most importantly, new donors. The Music City dems missed a golden opportunity to build a new framework from which to do these things. Unfortunately, it was run on a top/down model and the same people doing the grunt work, like Sharon Cobb and Southern Beale

    There is a place for you in the Party. If you were asked to serve as Party spokesperson, wouldn’t you do it, even if it meant not mentioning sex-toys in an official press release?

    I think Christian was making a joke, and nothin more. I have issues with how he conducted himself at NiT, but it seems he has been making the effort to engage. How long does he have to stay in Purgatory?

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  15. Well, Mr. Hurricane, I think you both misunderstand me and misunderstand Christian. Of course, if I were asked to write press releases for the Democrats, I would be more than happy to do so and to do so in a professional manner.

    But that’s not what Christian is talking about. He’s saying that he reads the liberal bloggers and they are all a cussin’ and a feudin’ and a fightin’ and he’s complaining that we’re not conducting ourselves the way that the leadership we need to be conducts itself.

    What the fuck? This blog is not an audition for any role in Democratic leadership. This idea that I have to conduct myself in a manner becoming of a Democratic leader as determined by whoever is repulsive to me.

    Maybe the kind of leadership I want to see among Democrats is someone willing to speak frankly about the problems we face and who gets mad and speaks like a real human being.

    Maybe this is exactly the voice I think needs to be in the world in order to make room for me politically.

    I concede that such a voice may not be politically useful officially to the Democrats if they want to elect folks.

    And that’s where my political needs and the political needs of the party are in direct conflict. Choosing to advance my own needs instead of putting some idea of the Democratic party first doesn’t make me someone who’s sitting on the sidelines taking potshots.

    It means I’m advocating for myself.

    Okay, on to the other thing. I respect that Christian has a lot of experience in the political realm. I also respect that he has a lot of knowledge we would benefit from.

    But here’s the thing. If I were to participate in Democratic party, I would want it to be different than it is. And, also I would want it to be different in a way that made me feel included and valued as a full and equal participant.

    Anyone coming around trying to tell me what I have to do in order to change the party or in order to be a good Democrat is not remaking the party in a different way that makes me feel valued as a full and equal participant. It makes me feel like I will be included once I learn to behave myself. I find that not just offensive… but what I wish with my whole heart you understood… not just offensive but violently hostile.

    You see it as “Oh, here’s Christian just offering some hard won words of wisdom and there’s B jumping down his throat; why can’t she cut that poor dude a break every once in a while?” I experience it as “Here’s Christian, yet again trying to force me into a position of being useful to him. I don’t want to be forced against my will into any position, therefore I must fight against it with more force than is being put on me.”

    He might not mean to be hostile, but I experience it as hostile. And we have no common well of good will for me to draw on from which to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Which leaves me in the situation that, if Christian is embodying the new Party and if, in his embodiment of what he thinks proper party ideals are, he thinks it should be “I’ll tell you what to do because I KNOW,” then I want no part of it. Fall in line, but into a different line?

    No thanks.

    If there’s real change, I’m interested. If this is just a powergrab by folks who just want their shot to be on top, then hell no.

  16. Eh, B, even in lefty NYC the DSA needs a fully functioning, broadly based Democratic Party to work with and pull to the left. You may not want to be the local leader for such a party in TN, but to be the voice that keeps calling “lefter! lefter!” But it’s in all of our interests, I think, to have a Democratic Party that works here, so there’s someone to call it to.

  17. “Plus, I’m interested to see if Campfield can actually get some legislation passed in this climate or if he’ll (have to be) marginalized by his own party.”

    Yes! I had the exact same thought!

    My prediction is that his efforts turn out pretty much the same as before and then it will be obvious that yup – it’s not the Republicanism, it’s not the conservatism – it’s just Campfield.

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