The Hotel is Creepy at Night

Yes, yes, I did go looking for ghost stories about this hotel before going to bed last night.  And yes, it was stupid, but I was homesick and tired of yet again looking at antique Spanish pornography.  And then I had to lie there in bed with my eyes shut, listening to every weird creak and moan wondering if a young guy with half a head is going to crawl into bed with me.

Finally, I was just like, “Please do not show up here because I will cry.”

And then, when I did finally fall asleep, I dreamed all night of a woman named Sarah, in a long, old brown plaid dress, working at a stove, here on the grounds, in a large kitchen, with the door open to the outside, and how she, because she was up the earliest would find the kids who had hung themselves here.

But really, it’s quite charming during the day!

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