Also, Answer Me This

If you’re at a fairly expensive restaurant in Charleston and you order the crab cakes with cottage fries and bacon cole slaw, why are you, and by you, I mean me, finding fish scales in said crab cakes?  Wouldn’t a crab cake no longer be a crab cake if it has other fish in it?

7 thoughts on “Also, Answer Me This

  1. Or even grosser, what if their kitchen is such a mess that when they’re scaling fish the scales can fly into the already prepared crab meat?

    I swear to god, I am about ready to become a restaurant vegetarian.

  2. Eww. Let the vegan who misses crab cakes assure you, you should not be finding fish scales in your crab cakes, or fish meat for that matter. I mean, just to be clear. :)

    Ah, on re-reading, I see the problem. You were eating them in Charleston, not Baltimore. Carry on.

  3. Fair enough. It was almost gross enough to convert me to restaurant veganism, let me tell you. Between fish scales and chicken gristle and doctor’s orders to cut back on the red meat, I’m starting to feel like that might be my only option.

  4. I’m pretty much out the door on meat too; I have a farm a couple of towns over where I can buy my poultry and beef, but paying the just price for animal products is getting to be more than I can do, so I’ve cut way back.

  5. I didn’t jump; I was pushed. Having a nine-year-old on your ass about ethical contradictions and having to walk the walk on sustainability did the trick.

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