My Other Small Agricultural Goddess

So, Beth is always sending me these emails that are like “I can bring you some wisteria.  Do you want some moonflowers?  Can I bring you an Angel Trumpet cutting?” and I’m always scurrying off to the internet to see what the heck she’s talking about beause I’m not always sure I know what she’s talking about.

I especially had no idea what an Angel Trumpet was.  Even seeing it on the internet… well, I thought it looked cool, but who knows?

They are all over Charleston.  All over.  And they’re so beautiful.  People have them in gardens and in giant containers and out in the street where a girl can stop and sniff them.

I can’t wait to see if I can cultivate it myself.

I had this dream last night, which some of you will appreciate.  I dreamed that the Butcher and I moved to a new house (which was really an old 19th century townhome dealy) and the Butcher had painted everything these weird colors and let a baby move in with us.  I kept insisting that we could not keep the baby.  The Butcher kept insisting that it would be awesome because the baby would pay rent.  And then he turns to me and says, “Mack’s a hurricane.”

I have been thinking about that all morning–Mack’s a hurricane.  I don’t know what that means, but it seems right.  And I’m left wondering what kind of job the baby had that would bring in rent…


6 thoughts on “My Other Small Agricultural Goddess

  1. Angel Trumpet= Brugmansia if you want to do proper latin google searches. those things are gorgeous but will have to live in a greenhouse or be indoor/outdoor plants for you in this area. There are whole cults of Brug lovers and they are passionate and commited people.

    There’s a big nursery up near Knoxville that has a nice variety and a lot of trading going on within some garden groups here in town. Gardens of Babylon at the Farmer’s market keeps them and theirs are huge.

    I think they are the tropical cousins to local Daturas and Jimson Weeds. Charleston could have them outdoors year round.

    Beth obviously rocks from the types of things that she grows and can share.

  2. Aw, saraclark, thanks! (no, B, we don’t know each other – yet)

    Actually I am no expert when it comes to gardening or anything like that. I just stick stuff in the ground, water it and I see what happens. I have no more expertise than most. It’s all trial and error. No voodoo needed…

    For the record, I wasn’t sure if Angel Trumpets would work here, but I’ve had 2 friends get them to bloom. The trick, it seems, is to put them in very well cultivated soil. Till the crap out of it, basically. Also, they seem to bloom later here than in Mississippi. About a months difference, actually.

    Anyway, I’m glad you got to see them in Charleston in all their glory. They’re a stunning plant to see. Also, I’d opt for trading them. I remember my Granny saying that she’d seen cuttings go for $15 a piece.

    I forgot to mention, B, that I have a ziploc bag of moonflower seed in my possession — those work really well here — I’ve had some bloom and have seen a gigantic moonflower plant on Belmont Blvd.

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