In Which I’m a Little Late Liveblogging True Blood

But in my defense, I was introducing Supermousey to “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.”  Let’s hope the DVR is working.

Shall we get started?

How many awesome tubs does Bill have?!

Demons travel through technology?  Into your eyes?  That’s strangely unsatisfying.

I don’t believe that Sam can’t shift into other people, I have to say.

And is Sam wearing Bill’s clothes?  That would suck for Sam.

Holy shit!  The child is giving me the heebee jeebies!  Holy shit.  That was an amazing moment.

I think Eddie is dead.  I could be wrong, but I think she’s already killed him.

I love Terry.

Oh my god!  I kind of thought Jennette was sketchy, but I had no idea she was a complete fake!  I apologize, Alan Ball, for thinking that you thought that Africa stone shit was plausible.

Okay, I was wrong about Eddie.  But I still don’t trust Amy.

I do like to see Sookie getting it dished out to her a little, even if it’s by Sam.

“Would have killed her” Bill, not “would of.”

When Andy says he doesn’t drink, isn’t he holding a beer?  Ha, ha, ha.

Where did Sam’s parents find movers who could get them packed completely up and moved out of the house in the span of a school day?

Argh!  Sookie!  Run, run, run.

Oh hide.  Hiding’s good.

Oh, Tara.  No, not no.

Wait.  What?  Who was that?

Oh, poor Eddie.  Well, we all knew that was coming.

Wait.  Let Jessica dye her hair all one color first!

Bill’s “Ugh, Blehs!” are completely unsexy, I must say.  He sounds like he’s taking a painful shit.

Okay, the Tara stuff was amazing.  I’m glad to see Sam a little more well-rounded, but damn, I wish he had a consistant character from week to week.  Damn you, True Blood, you’ve totally sucked me in.

4 thoughts on “In Which I’m a Little Late Liveblogging True Blood

  1. i was not sure what this wee series might actually provide, but have decided it has made Sunday nights the most anticipated viewing day of the week.
    two episodes left to somehow wrap it all together? then they should be quite jam-packed.

    is there a werewolf in town?

    is anyone actually what they seem to be? nope.

    good stuff.

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