And This is Better than Racism, How?

Stacey Campfield wants America to know that Tennesseans did not decline to vote for Obama because he is black–

The “Black factor”? AHHH! the race card. Democrats favorite tool. It makes me laugh as Democrats keep dropping it over and over calling Tennessee Republicans “A bunch of backwards dumb, racist” Lets see, Ford jr. got more republican crossovers when he repackaged himself as a conservative (and almost won) against moderate Bob Corker. Were the same people racist and dumb then?

–But because they just weren’t sure whether he was the anti-Christ:

Obamas liberalism? Yes, in some part, but I got a lot of feedback on the religious issue as well. More then I would have thought. The Muslim factor as well as many people perception that he was the Antichrist was mentioned repeatedly. The blind worship and screaming adoration reminded many of early Hitler films. I also heard many people say how they did not think he was qualified to run based on his questionable place of birth.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

No, no, see we’re not racist, we’re just a state full of religious conspiracy theorists!

Ha, you know, the more I think about it, the more I think that just may be the truth.

Whew, we’re in trouble.

Ha, ha, ha.

15 thoughts on “And This is Better than Racism, How?

  1. NM, I know! I know.

    SunRaven01, apparently there are people in my state who believe that Obama was really born in Kenya. These same people believe that there exists a “real” birth certificate filed not in Kenya, but in Hawaii, that would “prove” that Obama was born in Kenya. They have so far been unable to answer why Hawaii would have a birth certificate on file for a baby born in Kenya or why his young mother would have traveled to Kenya to give birth to him in the first place.

    Perhaps, and this is just my guess, as the mother of the anti-Christ, she was given certain limited superpowers to travel from anywhere in the world to Kenya whenever she needed.


  2. My favorite thing about the Bride of Malcolm X theory is that it shows such a limited understanding of U.S. history. i mean, Farrakhan was AT WAR with that family for how long? Decades.

    It was so ugly Malcolm X died over it. And you’re going to tell me that a.) Farrakhan wouldn’t have found out about a kid with a white woman? and b.) once he had, wouldn’t have put that in front of the whole world in the early 60s?

  3. I have to admit, I’m completely baffled over the question of Barack’s citizenship. Let’s review:

    To be considered a natural born American citizen, you must satisfy one of two requirements. Either (a) you must be born on US soil, or (b) if you weren’t born on US soil, at least on of your parents must be a US citizen.

    In Obama’s case, let’s presume for a second that he was born in Kenya. It still wouldn’t matter because HIS MOM is a citizen, which I think is something no one disputes (why, because she’s white?).

    So … wtf?

  4. I don’t get it either. I mean, I get it. It’s racist. But trying to understand it from their side? No, I don’t get it.

    And here’s the thing, too. Why would Obama’s mom lie about where he was born? Are we supposed to believe that this teenager from Kansas concocted a scheme to hide her baby’s country of birth so that he could sneak up in America and take it over?

    I mean, if so, can we posthumously give Obama’s mom the citizen of the year award, because I don’t know very many people who thought even last year they’d live long enough to see a black president and yet somehow we’re supposed to believe that she thought it was likely even back in the 60s?

    Do these people never take a history class or what?

  5. And math? I liked my high school because they actually had properly trained teachers for health.

    B, I have also heard that being adopted by an Indonesian lost Obama his citizenship. Or that since he was born in HI, which “wasn’t a state when he was born,” [sic] he’s not properly a citizen.

    I actually consider the “lost citizenship” myths to be in a different category from the “secret Muslim” myths. The latter, along with the Baby Of Malcolm X stuff, is clearly racist. The lost citizenship stories, though, are simply part of the “no Democrat can be elected President of the United States legitimately” trope. We first saw that used against Clinton, and it was more recently reinforced by Karl Rove’s crusade to create a permanent Republican majority.

  6. What polerin said. I did have good math teachers, buy my sophomore biology teacher actively preached about God and how evolution wasn’t real in class.

  7. Would you believe I actually had this dicussion with a woman today? With an intelligent, nice, smart woman that I like extremely well and admire(d) quite a lot, no less! It started with “well I heard he wasn’t American” and went down hill fast from there. I mentioned that the primary reason I have been pushing for an Obama presidency for the last 4 years was what I learned about him from friends of mine in Chicago. Friends that know Michelle and him. Quite well. Friends that I met in HIGH SCHOOL here in OK. As in “people like us.” So, even if you can’t trust the news (because it’s scary liberal), or politicians (which I can’t ever give a good argument against, because I can’t entirely disagree), you can trust that Oklahomans like him and think he’s a good guy and a good man. She finally sighed and said, “well, none of them are any good as president.”

    I did not curse at her. Really. I managed to fight it off, and merely agreed that, for the last 8 years, that had CERTAINLY been the case.

  8. I’ve got a retired mother who now spends her days strung out on right-wing talk radio. It’s gotten obscene. She’s ABT on her PhD, and yet she is showing signs of actual stupidity this election.

    Beck, et. al. have got her believing that:

    1. Obama was secretly born in some Communist state in Africa
    2. Obama is secretly Muslim
    3. Some weird combination of communists and islamic terrorists (nevermind that they are ideological anathemas to one another) were involved in the upbringing and education of Obama, designing him to take over the United States. Like the Kevin Costner character in No Way Out.

    She called me the day before the election, pleading with me to vote for McCain because she “feared for her grandchildren”. I of course stayed true to my word and didn’t but now have to listen to her talk about how Obama is going to make the US a godless socialist utopia.

    Of course I think he better get crackin’ because he’s got two years before the house swings back to the right and overrides his veto power.

    But I promise you there are no small amount of crackpots who believe the same thing as my erstwhile reasonable mother.

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