BREAKING: No Depression Has Fixed their Feed

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If only there were a song called “No Depression” that we could all sing in honor of the occassion…

In other news, I’m about out of patience for the Oxford American music issue AND I want someone to tell me if Lucinda Williams’s album is actually any good or if it’s just another so-so album critics fawn over because they want to believe she’ll do another album like Car Wheels on a Gravel Road that haunts you for the next five years.

Edited to add: And David Cantwell is writing about the music of True Blood so you should for sure go check that out.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: No Depression Has Fixed their Feed

  1. On Lucinda, it depends. I say:
    Car Wheels A+
    Essence D+
    World Without Tears A/A-
    West B/B+

    So, if you agree with all that, Little Honey is at least a B, maybe better.

  2. I love Lucinda unapologetically, but I do think this album is, as the above commenter says, probably a B. A couple songs fall short for me, but thats true on most albums. However everyone seems to be going gaga over the Elvis Costello duet, and I think it is one of the weaker songs on the album.

  3. I like it and I’m not a hardcore Lucinda fan. It’s an interesting return to some of her roots and overall I thought it a very solid album.

    With back up singers like Matthew Sweet, Susanah Hoffs, Charlie Louvin and Jim Lauderdale, it has some extra richness to it.

    Jailhouse Tears is one of the most classic country songs I’ve heard in years and it made me laugh to no end. You can take that song, put lots of different singer combinations with it and it would still be awesome. If I could hear Conway and Loretta do it, I think I would be in heaven. George and Tammy? Koko Taylor and someone man enough to stand up to her? all awesome.

    That said, you’ll hardly ever hear it played on the radio in Nashville.

  4. Saraclark, what’s your opinion of Lee Ann Womack’s new song “If These Walls Could Talk”? That’s my nomination for most classic new country song.

  5. nm, I’ll have to go listen to it. Lee Ann Womack always gives me hope for Country music as she is one of the ones that get it on many levels.

    I like a singer, song writer, performer kind of artist for my music across most all genres.

    Any monkey can hire the best songwriters, cherry pick their work, then hire the best musicians around for the studio and pick the “right face” for videos and marketing and then ride that person to financial success for about 5-7 years before discarding them. Especially as they age.

    Save your money Taylor, you will need it in 10 years. And eat a damn sandwich sometime….

    Thus ends this unscheduled rant against the machine that has often paid my bills.

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