One Good Thing to Come Out of the Michael Vick Case

Okay, one of you sent me a link to this story when it broke and I’ll be damned if I can find that link or who sent it, so up front I just want to apologize for not giving you your due.  Out yourself in the comments and get the praise you deserve!

But second, so the story is that they busted this dog fighting enterprise in Kentucky and the asshat who fought the dogs was all “Oh, ha, I’m so cool and manly and my penis is so big” or something.  I don’t know.  It’s why I wish I could find the link again.  So you can see him smiling like getting arrested for fighting dogs is just the coolest thing that ever happened to him.

And here’s the thing that breaks my heart about dogs.  Here’s the vile asshat who used these dogs’ best qualities–tenacity and their overwhelming desire to please–against them in order to inflict grave pain and possibly even death on them and you know that if he showed up where they were, rather than tear him to shreds (which they should do), they’d be all jumping up on him, licking him and being all “Oh, hey, it’s our guy!  Our guy is here.”

Oh dogs.


Anyway, I wanted to follow up on this story because the dogs have been taken to Dickson!  To be rescued!  Before the Michael Vick case, fighting dogs were routinely destroyed and only very rarely rescued.  No one believed they could be rehabilitated and reintroduced into society.  We just assumed they’d been broken beyond saving.

And yet, only one of the Michael Vick dogs had to be put down due to aggression (the other one was too sick to recover).  The rest have responded quite well to rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

And because of that, it means that more dogs who would have been otherwise destined for death will get a second chance.

2 thoughts on “One Good Thing to Come Out of the Michael Vick Case

  1. As a cat who has rehabilitated quite a few dogs, I’m not surprised that these fighters can learn to mind their manners. Well played, young pits!

  2. i posted those pics of the jerk grinning in my blog. i have been down to the shelter regularly, there are still 47? (i think, gosh, there’s just so many!) at the mayfield-graves county animal shelter. they are such sweet babies, i can just feel the gratitude in their souls. they know they aren’t going to have to live in the mud and fight anymore.

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