These are the Democrats of Our Lives

So, the turmoil over the complete self-immolation of the Tennessee Democratic Party continues.  GoldnI has become indispensible for news on the matter.  I would just like to quibble with one small detail.  GoldenI says:

At any rate, most of the liberal bloggers in Tennessee got a very friendly e-mail from Wade Munday yesterday asking us for our input, how the TNDP could better utilize us and how we could help craft the message.

But Newscoma says:

I will say one thing out of the box. I ended up contacting Left Wing Cracker as no Memphis bloggers were included on the list. Nitpicky, I know, but it needs to be said.

This, to me, is exactly why, if they want to communicate with the people most willing to then communicate their message, the Democrats need to get someone on board who knows what they’re doing.

Because I have to tell you, a “most liberal bloggers” that doesn’t include Rachel, or Mack or Jim Voorhies or the folks over in Memphis or Egalia or Christian* or S-town Mike** is not actually a list of most liberal bloggers***.  I don’t see their names, I’m going to assume it’s not actually a serious discussion but a PR move designed to look like you’ve done something.

R. Neal, when he does a round-up of what progressive bloggers are talking about sure as hell has a longer list than eleven people.

Anyway, I’ll just repeat.  We’re out here.  We’re already writing about and advocating for progressive causes.  It’s stupid not to reach out to us.

Though, clearly, I understand that there’s no one left do do such outreach.


*Yes, he’s on my shit list, but let’s be real here.  He’s a booger, but he’s an experienced Democrat with media savvy and a large platform.  Leaving him out of conversations like this is so stupid it makes my heart hurt.

**Yes, also on my shit list, but he has a decidedly liberal viewpoint and a vision for how that viewpoint can be enacted in our communities.

***For the record, I apparently wasn’t Democrat-y enough to warrent inclusion either, but whatever****.

****Okay, yes, I admit it, my casual air of not-caring is not exactly convincing, but I’m trying, for a second, to set aside my usual myopia and talk about real issues.

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  1. And I should add, what I should have pointed out as well. Yesterday was a clustermash of crazy.

    And I am recovering from being stoned from the flu if it makes a difference.
    You are right and go get ’em.

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  3. Aw, shucks, ‘Coma, no. This is how the internet works. A couple of people say some stuff, you think about it and add something to it, and those people think about it and add stuff to it, and meaningful conversations are had. One person doesn’t have to carry the whole load or say the exact right thing at the exact right time.

    I’m really just glad you had sense enough to get some Memphis folks involved.

  4. I was shocked that you weren’t on the list, considering that you were MENTIONED IN THE EMAIL!

    We’re all talking about you behind your back, B…

  5. AuntB You can take my name off TN’s elite liberal bloggers list you provided. No, not even I got the purported communication from the TNDP.

    And you don’t even know the half of the backstory on how ridiculous that is, but change is a coming :)

  6. No, I know you didn’t get it. That’s what I thought proved that the email was… um… problematic (to put it mildly). I don’t agree with you about everything, but I expect to see you included in this kind of stuff. You’re both a Democrat and a media dude.

  7. Sorry, that last post literally jumped up and posted itself….I wasn’t finished….

    Ok, so, yes, well-connected and well meaning but inexperienced youngsters put together a list of local bloggers. I doubt anyone followed up to insure that it included committed and talented people….and I think thats the problem. The Party hasn’t embraced bloggers as allies, and that is myopic at best. What Party, serious about the issues that affect citizens and VOTERS, would dismiss People like S-Town Mike, R. Neal, Coma,and hell, YOU AND ME. I hope to God Southern Beale was included. I don’t mean to leave anyone out, because it is a long list. Middle Tn is blessed with an enormous amount of talent willing to commit time and energy to making this State better than it is….

    Perhaps they should organize and just do what the Party won’t. (Just spit-ballin here….I don’t know…how does “Music City Democrats” sound……)


  8. Andy, rumor has it he has become disillusioned by partisan politics. My last conversation with him, in which he lamented the fact that “once we put on our team jerseys, all reasonable discussion stops” was quite telling.

    MRD had a great opportunity to help the party build an infrastructure on a State-wide basis, yet, the focus was always in Davidson County. They did some great stuff, but it was definitely top-down and, well, Democrats being Democrats, that approach didn’t work.

    Here, I think, is the difference between and up n coming Dem State, and Tn…years ago, (03) I was put on a Texas Dems mailing list. I heard from him every week. Sure, he asked for money quite a bit, but there was also more than a little transparency in his approach. “Heres what is happening now” “This is what I am trying to accomplish.”

    Politics isn’t rocket science. There is no template that fits every region…the people best suited to craft a strategy for a given area are the people that live there.

  9. Yeah, what everybody said. :) OK, so I’m late. I have a life of sorts.

    Yo, Tennessee, this isn’t a state based on kings. Just because there’s nobody named Ellington or Clement or McWhirter running for Governor doesn’t mean stick your heads up your asses and hope for a familied savior. You don’t have to have a machine in Memphis to wag the state’s tail. Crump is dead and we all moved on. It’s just the Democratic party good ole boys who haven’t.

  10. I agree that the bloggers B mentioned should have been included, but it’s also important to note that not all liberal bloggers are political bloggers.

    But I disagree with whoever wrote about the emails. Wade specifically asked the conversations be off the record, and keeping your word that the conversation remain “off the record” is one of things at the core of being journalist, and I assume, a political blogger.

    So I agree with B on the others being part of it, but it never should have been mentioned. Transparency in politics and/or media doesn’t mean you report things you tell the person you won’t. You lose great sources and trust that way. Plus, if nothing else, it’s your word.

    Mack–Bob still owns the site, but I think D. Cook owns the name. We had talked about putting MRD back together for Obama, and Bob is working with native Americans somewhere, and Don decided he didn’t want to do it even though Jim and I said we’d run most of it. If you know Bob, then you know he lost a ton of money, not to mention his bread and butter country act because of his involvement.
    Oh, and yes, SB was in the emails.

    B–(since this is now public) I brought you up in the emails, as did Newscoma. I also suggested Sean take over at the headquarters for bloggers because he gets along with most everyone, knows who most everyone is and knows local, state and national politics. I made them aware of your numbers, Randy did as well (his numbers) as did others. What I underscored is collectively, we have more readers than the Tennessean and the City Paper, which is pretty damn powerful.

    But let me ask you this: Why wait for the Dem party to do something? Why don’t the political bloggers who lean left all meet themselves? I know someone from Memphis tried to do that a year or two ago, and a lot of people just wanted to hang out and have a party meet up. If I recall, some people met at Borders because they didn’t want to attend a “boring” meeting at the headquarters. Thus, there does need to be a distinction between a blogger meetup and a political group of bloggers who lean left getting together to discuss strategy and how we can work together to get our candidates elected. Between all of us, and people have to be professional and put personal differences aside, we have quite a lot of readers and don’t need another organization to organize us. If you’re a liberal, political blogger, then someone organize a meeting and set an agenda and let us move forward, and leave the personal shit out of it and invite all of those who qualify, which certainly includes everyone B mentioned and a few others.

    Coma mentioned all the great lefties in Memphis. Maybe we should have a list of all the left leaning political bloggers and meet once a month. I know they meet once a week in Memphis. Cracker and those guys there are great and very pro active.

    Why don’t we do that here in Nashville?

  11. Sharon, to paraphrase a famous Democrat, I suppose that depends on what your definition of “this” is. I took it to mean the content of the email–which was clearly not repeated here, nor was I included in on or forwarded any of the subsequent discussion, so I assume that was also my supplier’s interpretation–was to be kept between the sender and the receivers, which it was.

    But sending an email out to a bunch of people and expecting the email itself and who it went to to be kept confidential? Ha, good luck with that. Especially if my name is going to come up. Either you do what my supplier did and tip me off to the fact that I’m up for discussion or you (meaning the in-general “you,” of course) risk making me think you’re talking about me behind my back.

    As I said before, I do think there needs to be some kind of blogger get-together and I know some folks who’d be happy to help arrange it.

  12. B. If it’s any consolation, everything that was said about you was positive.

    A blogger get-together, or, a meeting of bloggers who write about politics on the left?

    Mack–exactly. If it’s any help, the Memphis liberal bloggers group is called “Drinking liberally.” Maybe that will draw some people.

  13. There is, rachel. They meet at the Saucer. I went twice, got bored, never went back. Its like a meet-up thing, nuthin gets done.

  14. But isn’t Drinking Liberally meant to be a social group? All the local branches I’ve heard of are. I’m sure there’s networking that gets done there that leads to practical activism, but the groups themselves are supposed to be a break from the serious stuff and a chance to hang out with like-minded people. I would think that if you want to start some real political organizing you’d keep that separate.

  15. Actually, the Memphis Drinking Liberally group is amazing with their activism. Where you have the Jackson Baker, Chris Davis, Rick Maynard, LWC, Vibinc and even Cohen showing up on occasion. It’s a serious sight to behold.
    I’ve only been to one Nashville DL just because I happened to be there at the time for something else.

    Two very distinctly different groups from my observation but I have to say I’ve made special trips to go to the one in Memphis because it feels, dare I say it, good and there is a lot of dialog that shows some results.

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