Come Forward, Gift Giver

So, there’s been this box by the front door for a couple of days and finally the Butcher says, “Are you going to open that or what?” and I’m all, “Open what?”

“That box.”

“What box?”

“I left it there so you’d know to open it.”

“Oh, well, I never come over here so I just now saw it.”

“That’s why I put it there, so you wouldn’t trip over it.”


And inside is this beautiful wooden mortar and pestel like some kind of art piece.  But no indication of who sent it.  I’m putting it in with all my woo-woo stuff immediately.  So, thanks kindly anonymous gift-giver.  It is the perfect gift for me.

6 thoughts on “Come Forward, Gift Giver

  1. Dude, check your email. I told you to be looking for it.

    My coolness just kills me. And I lack the humility necessary for anonymity.

  2. Oh come on! In all fairness, I thought you’d send something like, oh, I don’t know a DVD of 40 naked National Guardsmen singing “I’m Just a Bill.”

    I get this incredible, gorgeous piece of art in the mail… I mean, no offense, but I just wasn’t thinking you’d go all soft and artsy fartsy on me.

    But I love it. Holy shit is it gorgeous.

  3. I am an astute, self-aware tabby and fan of your blog. I never open a box unless I know what’s in it. Another cat in this household always hides in one–somewhere–and deftly seals it behind him. You could be in for an unpleasant surprise if you go poking around in unmarked boxes.

    A friend of mine “tagged” me to reveal six random things about myself, which I did on my blog. I was asked to “tag” six other bloggers to contribute to the collective confessional. I would love to see what Mrs. Wigglebottom would reveal, were she to express herself in “print.” Or perhaps, if she is less literate than I, you’d do it for her.

    This is not a chain letter. I abhor those things. Nothing bad will happen to you if you decline to participate. I will keep my claws retracted and continue to read you faithfully. I have linked to you from my blog at:

    Signed, another pro-American cat for Obama

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