Oh, Frank Phillips, You are My Geneology Crush

Y’all may remember my great joy yesterday at discovering Frank B. Phillips living with his in-laws.  And my goal was to discover his parents.  Barlow Phillips was no help.  But, my friends, cousin Van saved the day.  I managed to find a Van Phillips living in Michigan who was roughly the same age as my grandpa.  And I was able to track down Van’s dad–Ralph W.  Ralph had a dad, Oscar, and a mom, Mary.  Oscar Phillips had, due to the crappy handwriting of the census taker, three children: Ralph W. Phillips, Bell Philipps, and Frank Philipps.  Frank Philipps had the same birthday as Frank Phillips and if Frank Philipps is Frank Phillips, that would give my grandpa a cousin Van, which we know he had, and me the names of the grandparents I wanted to get!


That left me with only needing parents for Mary Corcoran.  Amazingly, there were only two Mary Corcorans in Chicago the right age to be her and both had parents named John and Mary.  The other siblings are completely different, so I don’t know for sure which one is her, but John and Mary it is.

I didn’t call my dad, since it was late, but I did send him an email.


I’m such a nerd.