Forget a Husband, I’m Just Going to Marry Me

I wonder if marrying yourself is illegal under the anti-same-sex marriage statutes?  Hmm.

That’s neither here nor there.  What did I do today, you ask?  Oh, I got my oil changed, went to the grocery store, bought a hammer, bought a rubber mallet, and FINISHED UP MY COMPOST PILE!

That’s right.  I, myself, finished pounding in the posts and did not even injure myself once at all, even though there was metal and a hammer.  And I hooked the chicken fence to the posts and trimmed it to the right length and I threw the stuff I’d been saving in the freezer to it and the dead pepper plants and the thorny thing (though it did fight back) and the ashes from the fireplace.

I feel like strutting around my yard like a bantam rooster.

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