Three Things

1. I always see the most beautiful leaves on the ground this time of year and wish I had some way to take them home with me.  I am embarrassed to say that I never thought about taking a picture. And even if I did, I’m not sure it would turn out that well.

2.  Dr. J., if I understand your scholarly interested, I think today’s Poetry News Round-up was compiled especially for you!

3.  I don’t believe I have ever slept so deeply and so poorly as I did last night.  Terrible dreams I couldn’t wake from.  Blech.  I don’t know if that’s a sign of too much sleep or too little.

One thought on “Three Things

  1. We have more leaves on the ground now than are left on the trees. I suppose I should be carrying around a rake instead of a camera but I’m too lazy.

    Hope you sleep better tonight and I’m glad you liked the picture.

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