I Liveblog True Blood Because I Liveblog True Blood

I missed that that chick was naked last week!

Well, you’d think vampires would have to be buried a little deeper.  I mean, what if it rains tomorrow during the day?  They’re going to pop right up like bobbers on a lake.

Oh, Sam.  Why must you be the biggest doofus on this show?  And how much hard work is it to be the biggest doofus on this show?  You have to majorly out doofus some doofuses… doofi?…

Oh my god, there’s another black person on this show!  Kenya?  Kenya, I raise a toast to you, though it appears you may be related to Tara, so I’m not sure your appearance actually makes me feel like there might be more than two black families in this town, as unlikely as that would seem.

Also, Jason seems to be on the verge of being smart, but I kind of doubt we’re going to see him actually go over that edge into using his head.

Put some clothes on, Sam.

Vampire guts make me feel a little sick to my stomach.

Terry, listening to politicians also gives me a seizure.  You are not alone.

Jason, no, the second you say “Don’t tell…” someone’s going to tell.  Oh, he’s an idiot.

Sookie!  Read his thoughts.  Read his thoughts.  Why are you asking him questions?  Read his mind!  What is the use of having powers if you don’t read his thoughts?

Ahhhh!  Lafayette, you are so handsome in your suit!  And sneaky!  Oh, and threatening!  Hurray!  Let’s let Lafayette have his own show, a show where there are black people who live in a town who aren’t related!

Okay, Amy is pretentious and a nutjob, and I thought she was evil, but she does seem to care about Jason.

And what dirt repellent does Bill use?  He can be buried alive and come out of the ground clean?

Okay, idiocy clearly runs in the Stackhouse family.

Again, idiocy clearly runs in the Stackhouse family.

Ha, I kind of love Jessica’s enthusiasm for being a vampire.  “I want to kill people.”  “You suck.”  She already is the most interesting person on this show.  “I’ll find a real vampire and he’ll kick your ass.”  Please, find a real vampire to kick Bill’s ass.

Oh my god, Tara’s mom has got to be the most evil person on this show.  How many times did Tara help her and she’s going to pull this shit?  Wow.

Well, we’ve seen growth in Jason for sure.  At the beginning, when he thought he killed a woman, he ran.  Now, he calls the police.

Oh, Bill, don’t be in Eric’s debt.  That’s a bad idea.

I think, as a rule, when a stranger shows up to take you to her house, when she asks you if you have no family or friends, it’s not right!  You’re right!  It’s not right.  Something’s not right with her.

But she is pretty.

So, the message of Sam seems to be that sometimes, stalkers are rewarded.  So, America, go ahead and act like jackasses, and scary stalker weirdos and you will get the girl!  Gah, whatever.

Is Andy the killer?  Earlier in the episode, I was convinced it was Renee or Hoyt, but now I think it’s Andy.

Wait.  Now I’m convinced that it is Renee.

And it’s GILLIAN WELCH!  Oh, I love this song.  Love it.

Okay, so let’s recap.  Tara’s mom sucks.  Rewarding Sam for his nutty stalkery behavior sucks.  But Eric taking off his coat just to show off his massive shoulders was very nice.  This show is on the verge of being good.  Every week, it’s good enough to keep me watching, but not good enough to convince me that it’s worth my time.

Something needs to happen with Sookie.  That’s the thing.  She needs to change in some massive way and though they keep telling me that a lot has happened to her (and I have watched and seen that a lot has), I haven’t yet seen it having any effect on her.

So, even though the story revolves around her, it’s starting to feel a bit like a donut.

And when do we get a True Blood soundtrack?

10 thoughts on “I Liveblog True Blood Because I Liveblog True Blood

  1. In the “previously”s, the chick with the giant pig was naked. I didn’t notice that before. And that chick is the chick who took Tara, right?

  2. So I’m trying like hell not to read your live blogging of True Blood because I record it and watch it later in the week, but I can’t NOT read your live blogging! I want the soundtrack in my Christmas stocking.

  3. thnx aunt b…i noticed they were playing ryan adams in the bronco with sam and sookie. everyone thinks that “two”song is about a couple..why it gets so much airplay..its about drugs actually. alan ball always has good music from american beauty to six feet under and now true blood…only one episode left…

  4. I absolutely cannot stand Michelle Whatserguts in whatever she’s in. She ruined Homicide, sucked up on a couple of other shows and is now dragging the last bit of True Blood down with her. What’s the point of her being, anyway?

    The further this show strays from the whole history-comes-alive thing and into the “weird ways we can show random strange shit” the more it loses my interest.

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