Is It Just Me or is the Internet Busier Lately?

1.  I’m loving Pith lately.  I’ll admit it.  There just seems to be a little crackle there the past few weeks which has turned me into a more frequent reader.

2.  I just got the most awesome phone call, filled with nothing but the sound of my lawn mower purring like a kitten.

3.  When my phone rang, it said, in Supermousey’s voice, “Aunt B’s phone is ringing.  Pick it up!  Pick it uuupppp!!!!!!!!!!!” which startled both of my co-workers.  This is not nearly as funny as when it does that at home and the dog runs around trying to see if Supermousey has indeed come to visit.

4.  Y’all, I am trying to keep this issue on the forefront of TCP and I’m sorry I’m not doing a better job.  I am just freaked right the hell out about it so it’s hard for me to talk about effectively.  Kwach writes today about imposing your discomfort with other people’s choices (in the sense that they would choose to get married, not that they would choose to be gay) on the law of the land and she touches on the “What if they take our kids?” theme again, which makes me all light-headed and angry to think about:

I feel that it’s important to point that out, because, according to Dan Savage’s op-ed in the NYTimes today, there are a whole lot of people in a whole lot of places who’d like to have you think otherwise. And, should they be successful in that endeavor, children like ours may go the way of the Dodo.

As she points out, there’s just something really, really disgusting about arguing that, since gay people commit suicide at higher rates than people who are heterosexual, it makes them unfit parents, when oppressing gay people, by, in part, denying them their families, is indeed what drives them to suicide.  It’d be like me going over to my neighbors’ and slashing the tires on their car and then arguing that I oppose their owning a car, because their cars are constantly unsafe.

Well, fucking duh.  I wonder why that is?

5.  NM informs me that, even if it turns out that Spam is just alien meat pretending to be a pork product, she cannot eat it.  I can’t find it now, but it reminds me of the bloggers who discussed which imaginary animals were okay for Jews to eat.  Like you probably couldn’t eat a minotaur because it is half-human, but you could eat a goat fish.  Oh, I found it!  But I see there’s no ruling on Spam (which of course is obviously not treyf if it is really a pork product, but if it’s just an alien pretending to be a pork product… So, clearly, we either need proof it’s pork and not alien before knowing for sure and I’m not believing you, Hormel!)

6.  Are you reading The Rotund?  If not, you’ve missed another great post.

6 thoughts on “Is It Just Me or is the Internet Busier Lately?

  1. I’ll wait until I see the next Alien Autopsy special on Fox, because I refuse to believe that anything covered in bright gold goop is of this earth.

  2. And, tying your points 4. and 5. together, Dan Savage recently pointed out the hypocrisy of trying to prohibit gay marriage ’cause teh gay is sinful, when the same folks who think that also think that Jews are bound to Hell but don’t try to prohibit our marriages.

  3. When I read the title of this post I just knew you were going to express the shock that I actually did 2 blog posts in 2 days…

    SPAM = Shit Passing As Meat

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