After Explaining the NCIS Episode We Just Watched to Me

“Gah, you’d make a terrible detective.  It’s a good thing you went into English instead.”

“I wanted to major in Detecting, but my head is so large I couldn’t fit into the deerstalker required in the 19th Century Detecting class.”

“Is that supposed to be funny?”

“It’s a Sherlock Holmes joke.”

“So, more nerd humor.”

4 thoughts on “After Explaining the NCIS Episode We Just Watched to Me

  1. I thought it was a great episode. I’m sure that next week’s will be called “dagger” (this one was “cloak”) and have a lot more violence.

    I am glad they’re wrapping up the Lee Traitor storyline, because I didn’t want that hanging out there for a year like that stupid La Grenouille thing from last season.

  2. I don’t watch this show — but I will start to if it has story lines about fancy French restaurants. Or isn’t that the La Grenouille you mean, Kat?

  3. NM, sadly, no. We had to sit through a year’s worth of storyline about some vaguely evil guy named La Grenouille in order to, I guess, showcase Lauren Holly’s acting talents (which should, right there, tell you everything you need to know about the problem).

    I admit, I was momentarily worried that Abby had somehow inadvertently helped the wrong person.

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