Two Things that Made My Day

1.  I ordered a calzone from Pie in the Sky Pizza, which is where the Longhorn used to be there on Lyle.  The crust was a little bland (though it worked with the other ingredients just fine, I thought), but the cheese… oh god, the cheese.  Excellent mozzerella with some good ricotta thrown in.  You know when you get ricotta that’s too much whey and you feel like you’re eating old cottage cheese?  This was the opposite of that a kind of fluffy crumbly joy in with the chewy stringy mozzerella.  Mmm.

2.  Any man talks about me like that… Well, I’d be convinced, that’s all I’m saying.

Excuse me, got a little something in my eye.

10 thoughts on “Two Things that Made My Day

  1. Brian and I agree on very little, but I think I can safely say we’d both put “falling into each other’s arms” on the list of things least likely to happen in this history of the universe.

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