Real Nice, Tennessee

Melissa McEwan has a list of transgendered folks killed this past year.  You’ll notice we’ve made the list twice.  Oh, don’t give me that, “It’s Memphis,” crap.  Tennessee is Tennessee.

Both of the women who were killed in our state were prostitutes.  Prostitution is a dangerous profession for any woman, but it’s especially dangerous for transgendered women.  Especially because even though the men who go to transgendered prostitutes almost always go to them because they are transgendered, if they should decide to beat or rape or rob or murder the woman, they can always claim “I freaked out when I found out she was a man!” and most folks are like “Oh, well, that makes sense.”

America, the amount of men who frequent prostitutes who are surprised by a transgendered prostitute are vanishingly small.  Most of these fucker are lying.  They’re counting on your discomfort to help them get away with a crime, but they were not surprised to discover that these women were transgendered.

I’m feeling kind of hopeless about the whole thing so I’m feeling like it may be too much to ask that people just refrain from killing people just because they can.  But I would ask this of you, my dear readers–please, at the least, don’t buy this tired bullshit that these fuckers didn’t know.

They specifically targeted those women because they knew.