“Don’t Come Quacking Like A Duck”

Oh, Feel Good Friday, let’s have a song about a woman who’s ready for her man to fuck her.  Because, you know that feels good!

I will give extra points to whoever can do the best analysis of “Cemetery Blues.”

Ha.  Oh, I amuse me.

I was thinking today, World, of how amazing my drive in is, how just at that moment when you top the bluff, the whole city stretches out before you, like some kind of giant spiny horseshoe crab and then, you cross the river, with the Batman building in front of you, just visible over the tops of the trees, when you hit the Jewish cemetery, veer right, and your landmark is now the very top of Jubilee Hall.

Every day I drive it I think I must remember to tell you about it and I always forget.

Not today, probably because I was listening to “Cemetery Blues” just as I came by the cemetery and the red light gave me time to think about the lyrics and wonder just what the fuck that was about.  Is there another song any of you can remember that is a love song about necrophilia?

The Real Third Coast

Sarcastro sent me this map, which was not a treasure map, sadly, though I expect that, if libertarians find treasure maps, they dig up the treasure and then sell the maps on ebay, so it’s not surprising.

I didn’t know what to make of it, but then I saw the map over at Alas again, this time with added science stuff!

Oooo.  Cool.