The Real Third Coast

Sarcastro sent me this map, which was not a treasure map, sadly, though I expect that, if libertarians find treasure maps, they dig up the treasure and then sell the maps on ebay, so it’s not surprising.

I didn’t know what to make of it, but then I saw the map over at Alas again, this time with added science stuff!

Oooo.  Cool.

2 thoughts on “The Real Third Coast

  1. Speaking of libertarians, I wonder if you saw the essay in the NYT Book Review last weekend about how book reviews are often over-the-top positive. Here was the part that I thought you would enjoy:

    The dark side of flattery, according to P. J. O’Rourke, is attracting a fan base you may not want. Once described as “the funniest writer in America” by Time and The Wall Street Journal, O’Rourke suspects that this raised his profile among libertarians, who for some reason think of themselves as a pack of wild cutups.

    “There’s a nutty side to libertarians, starting with the Big Girl, Ayn Rand, and going straight through Alan Greenspan,” O’Rourke told me over the phone. “When I go to Cato Institute functions, there’s always a group of guys who look like they cut their own hair and get their mothers to dress them, with lots of buttons about legalizing heroin and demanding a return to the gold standard. The institute has tried to weed them out over the years, but they still turn up at the bigger events. As soon as I see them coming toward me, my heart sinks.”

  2. Ha, that does crack me up. What a lovely world book publishing is. The publishers hate the authors and the authors hate their audiences. And therapists are the only ones making any money!

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